Arnold Schwarzenegger Suits Up for a Bud Light “Ping Pong” Ad [VIDEOS]

The Super Bowl may be just a couple of weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped advertisers from rolling out their biggest and best ads for the big game. Bud Light, for instance, has already started teasing the ads that they plan to run during Super Bowl XLVIII featuring manly icon (and former California Governor) Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For some reason, The Terminator got paid $3 million to suit up for what appears to be a super serious and heated ping pong tournament complete with a 70’s era sweatsuit, sport shorts and the kind of long, girly-man hair he actually had as a young star. The ad campaign exists under the mysterious banner “Whatever is Coming.” We can only assume what all this means at this point. We’re guessing that the guy who killed the Predator is gearing up for a furious ping pong showdown with some scrawny son of a bitch who is about to learn what it feels like when a ping pong ball connects with one of you temples after it’s smacked back at him by a Mr. Universe competitor.

Of course, that’s not the only ad Bud Light has planned for the Super Bowl. The brand will get even stranger than this commercial. Bud Light has also tapped comic musician and Comedy Bang Bang co-host Reggie Watts and House of Lies star Don Cheadle to appear in either their own ads or one awesome, mega, epic collaborative ad. The only way it could get weirder is if Cheadle’s llama will square off against Schwarzenegger at the ping pong table.

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