20 Things You Didn't Know About The Golden Globes

The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards will be aired on NBC this Sunday, January 12th at 8 pm EST. There was a time when a lot less people would care about that. It’s only been in recent years that the Golden Globes has become some kind of a big deal. It was always popular during the ’80s and ’90s, of course, but there wasn’t a lot of hype over the awards. They were mainly known as the awards ceremony that wasn’t the Oscars, but you could enjoy them while sitting at home without wondering why you hadn’t been invited to a party.
Part of the problem is that the Golden Globes honor television and film in different categories covering drama and comedy. The evening always felt kind of unfocused. Then the Golden Globe Awards slowly began to build a reputation as a party. The original Academy Awards were set up like a fancy dinner with a podium, and the Golden Globes wisely kept that set-up as their own way of doing business. They’ve also always given the nominees plenty of drinks. Then the Golden Globes dared to actually add a host to their national broadcast, and…well, we’ll get to that later.
The important thing here is now people tune in to the Golden Globes with no idea of the show’s weird history. In a way, that’s good for the Golden Globes. There’s some history that they’d like to keep hidden. We discuss that and more in this vital collection of Golden Globes trivia. Check it out now and then tune in Sunday so you have fun facts to drop during the party. There’s a Golden Globes party going on, right? We haven’t got our invitation…

"12 Years a Slave"-Themed Golden Globes Party Not a Good Idea
"12 Years a Slave"-Themed Golden Globes Party Not a Good Idea
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