"12 Years a Slave"-Themed Golden Globes Party Not a Good Idea

The lifestyle site Casa Diseno had suggestions for throwing a party themed around the movie 12 Years a Slave for the Golden Globes coming up on Sunday.  Yes, that would be a party themed towards the grueling movie about the horrors of slavery in the pre-Civil War United States. Of course, we’re speaking in the past tense because that got some unwelcome attention, and now the Casa Diseno Pinterest page only has ideas for Golden Globes parties based on American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street.
But for a while there, the site’s Pinterest page posted a themed board that has since been taken down that showed all the ingredients a person would need to throw their own 12 Years a Slave party at home. The board included burlap cloth napkins, colonial style lanterns for turn of the century style lighting and a menu that looks like it was made entirely from ingredients freshly picked by indentured servants. Needless to say, the theme party suggestions caused a bit of a backlash on Twitter. The site’s creative director took it down and issued an apology.
We’re curious to know exactly how many people this idea went through before it made to the site because if it’s more than one and none of them even stopped for a second to ponder that this might not be a good idea, then we need to start upping our federal funding standards for mental health coverage immediately. Dear God, has Paula Deen taught us nothing other than that butter doesn’t make a healthy side dish?

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