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Underage Drinking Video Of 8-Year-Old New Zealander On Scooter Is Sad


Underage drinking is one thing, but drinking at the age of 8 should never be confused as “cool.” That’s just sad. So when a New Zealand skater posted this video of a drunk 8-year-old child on a Razor Scooter at a New Zealand skate park, NZ police quickly started investigating the matter. To be fair, I’d have to be pretty drunk to get on a Razor Scooter but that’s just me.

The most unfortunate part about the whole ordeal is that this unnamed youth has got the whole “drunk thing” down pat. Not only does he lie about how much he’s had to drink, but he repeatedly tells people off with the internationally recognized slogan of “F*ck you” while insisting that he’s fine.

If you’re going to drink underage, at least wait until you’re old enough to realize that partially-bleached hair isn’t cool.

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