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San Francisco Giants Ford Mustang Is Off Craigslist Now


San Francisco Giants Mustang Craigslist 1

There was a really bitchin’ 1990 Ford Mustang for sale on Craigslist–but we’re saying “was” because the car’s San Francisco Giants paint job soon had it acclaimed as the most incredibly cool vehicle ever set up for sale on the site. And the owner didn’t even really seem to know what he had. Sure, the listing bragged about the car’s clear title and BBK Shorty Headers and Posi 373 Rear End with no leaks and other things that we’re only pretending to understand. But the description never noted that buyers had a chance to pick up a car that had a really sharp NFL tribute as part of the package.

San Francisco Giants Mustang Craigslist 2

Damn, that’s a good looking car. We don’t care if you’re the world’s biggest L.A. Dodgers fan. You still have to admit that any guy would be sure to get laid cruising around in this masterpiece of masculinity. Sadly, the car has now been officially “flagged for removal.” We’re not sure why. Maybe there were actual complaints, or maybe the owner just wanted to yank the listing once the raves started to pour in, and the guy realized he had a car that he could pretty sell anywhere.

We’re really hoping he’s selling it to Hollywood for a Smokey and the Bandit reboot that involves Burt Reynolds tearing up the highway to make it from San Francisco to Los Angeles as part of some kind of sports-related bet. We can’t be the only folks who took one look at this Mustang and had that bright idea. Now check out the original listing, and let’s keep an eye out for this beauty to see where it ends up–if not on the big screen…

San Francisco Giants Mustang Craigslist 3

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