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  • 60 Scrum-tious Rugby Cheerleaders 2010

    With the start of football training camp just a week away, we’re stuck sitting on our hands, waiting to satisfy our need for sports. Luckily, in other parts of the world, another awesome sport, rugby, is going full force. And little did we know, but rugby also has ridiculously hot cheerleaders. So sit back, grab a beer, and get ready for the scrum-tuous cheerleaders of rugby!

  • Uruguay Has A Topless Larissa Riquelme Too! [NSFW Photos]

    It's safe to say that the Guay's are out of control. Just this weekend, Paraguyan hottie Larissa Riquelme said she would get naked despite the fact her team lost their game. And just now we came across this anonymous Uruguayan sexpot who's already naked! She's so excited that she can't even keep her clothes on. Fingers crossed that a Uruguay win means we'll get a 2 Guays, 1 Vuvuzela sex tape.

  • Larissa Riquelme to Strip Naked Despite Paraguay’s Loss to Spain [15 New Photos]

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  • Jesus Hates Brazil: Netherlands Advance to Semi Finals

    Two things we learned, at least, from the Holland vs. Brazil match today, is that Jesus hates Brazil, and it's always important to stay Melo. Brazil's Kaka is the world's most expensive striker and was expected to be one of the stars of this World Cup. Known for praying on the pitch after the 2002 World Cup win, and for revealing messages like "I belong to Jesus" on his t-shirts beneath his team jersey after scoring, apparently Jesus' infatuation with Brazilian soccer is at an end.

  • Netherlands Vs Brazil Model Showdown

    Well Brazil took a beatdown today in the World Cup quarterfinals when the Netherlands surprised everyone with a 2-1 upset over the tourney's favorite . But we're willing to give the number one team a second chance to prove that they're the true winners by putting their sexiest models up against the Netherlands' sexiest models. And while the competition is going to get intense, we're pretty sure this showdown will make up for the upset today.

  • Underboob Overdose [204 Photos]

    Summer is all about going to the extreme. Whether you're spending all day on the beach without sunscreen or you're skipping work for the World Cup, you're making sure every moment counts. That's why we're taking the time to go to the extreme by compiling every soccer related underboob photo we could find. And since it's an overdose, we're even throwing in a few "non-World Cup related" underboobs (200 hundred) just to make sure you get extra high.

  • Sexy Soccer Superfans of the 2010 FIFA World Cup: June 28 [240 Photos]

    Still laying in bed in a drunken stupor over the fact that the US Team didn't pull a 1980s Miracle? Well cheer up because even though we're out of the World Cup doesn't mean that we're out of amazing photos of sexy superfans. So show your true American colors by spending your Monday at work checking out hot chicks.

  • Sexy Brazilian Soccer Underboob

    Whats the difference between a fair-weather fan and a devoted fan? A devoted fan will do whatever it takes to ensure that her team wins. And in Brazil that means donning a Brazilian Soccer Team Uniform and showing off just enough underboob to inspire a huge World Cup win. Because nothing inspires goal after goal like knowing that your sexy superfans left their bras at home.

  • The Best Place for a Vuvuzela… [Photo]

    The first round of the 2010 World Cup is almost over -- and while some are ready to go back to not caring about soccer, we're not ready to part with our new favorite instrument and audio torture device, the vuvuzela. And thankfully we don't have to do that! You can play the vuvuzela at work or at a summer BBQ or out of your ass when you're riding your motorcycle to the baked beans factory.

  • Sexy Soccer Superfans of the 2010 World Cup: June 21 [76 Photos]

    The vuvuzelas aren't the only things getting a rise out of us at the 2010 World Cup. The sexy superfans are also continuing to get us hot and bothered every time we turn on the TV. So hot and bothered that we debated emptying out our bank accounts just to buy the plane tickets to see these super fine fans in person, But decided to spend the the entire day looking at these amazing photos of the sexiest superfans instead.

  • 2010 World Cup Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: Chinese Edition [32 Photos]

    The action keeps heating up in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and everyone is doing their part cheering on their country's team. But what if your country sucks at playing soccer... like China? Well, do what these gorgeous Chinese models have done and give your body to the World Cup. No, we're not talking about prostitution. We're talking about using bodypaint to let everyone know exactly what team you're cheering for. Because nothing says I'll do whatever it takes to be involved in the excitement like painting yourself with pride.

  • Sexy Soccer Superfans of the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup: June 15th [85 Photos]

    The competition during the games isn't the only thing heating up at the World Cup. The Sexy Superfans are getting hotter by the day and we're having some major trouble deciding which country has the sexiest fans. The only thing we did figure out was that it doesn't matter which teams win, because as long as these smoking hot photos keep surfacing, we're all going home feeling like champions.

  • 2010 World Cup Bodypaint Babes: Germany Vs. Australia

    While you were prepping for the World Cup by buying a 3D TV and frantically googling the rules of soccer, erotic actress from Germany and Australia were psyching up their countries by posing nude. The super sexy models weren't hiding their team spirit when they decked themselves out in patriotic body paint. Which country had the sexier models? You'll have to decide that for yourself.