• Kourtney Hansen [See Her Tonight on NASHVILLE]

    14 pics! She might be a regular on Nashville, but it's still hard to think of Kourtney Hansen as an actress. Her longtime fans know why Kourtney seems so comfortable in ABC's country-music saga about dueling divas. After all, Kourtney is a real Nashville insider herself. Learn more about this true Southern charmer--and check out Kourtney's charms for yourself...

  • Kinga Philipps [See Her Tonight on SCANDAL]

    28 pics + video! We aren't really fans of Scandal and its plots about political fixers helping out the rich and corrupt. We like the show's taste in newswomen, though. Tonight's episode has Kinga Philipps as a morning news anchor who'd definitely get us up early in the morning. The real-life Kinga is both a reporter and an actress, and we've got plenty of hot pics from both of her jobs--along with Kinga reporting from a nude beach....

  • TV

    SHOCK VIDEO: Investigative Reporter Brett Higgens Finds “529″ Over Some Guy’s Head

    Determination. Courage. Smarts. All qualities lacking in investigative reporter Brett Higgens. Now he hits the road…

  • TV

    FOX News Facemelter Kimberly Guilfoyle Loves To Get Spanked [VIDEO]

    So, I’m chillin’ on the couch nursing the well deserved hangover I acquired getting over-served at our Tr…

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    News Anchor FAIL Compilation [NSFW Language VIDEO]

    You know those times in your life when you realize that 'professionals' are nothing more than normal people? Usually those "Aha" moments are preceded by someone making a blatantly obvious mistake, something that can only get worse if it's on live television. You expect this kind of amateur-hour sh*t from field reporters, but not news anchors. I've watched enough Anchorman to know that they're supposed to be the glue holding the team together. If for no other reason, watch this for the best Australian morning show team ever. Video after the jump!

  • Mila Kunis Protects Justin Timberlake from Russian Reporters [VIDEO]

    Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake were in Moscow to promote the Friends with Benefits, during which they had a press conference. Mila was born in Belarus and speaks fluent Russian, so when a reporter asked JT why he was making sh*tty movies instead of sh*itty music, Mila came right at that b*tch with some Communist fire before Justin could even translate the question. Check out our resident Russian translator's version of the rant after the jump!

  • Blow Your Nose, News Lady! [VIDEO]

    You think it's funny but it's SNOT! This Canadian newscaster had some unshakable bad luck while reporting outside of a recent Charlie Sheen show in Toronto. We've got to give props to the news lady for holding it together like a pro. Like it or snot, this is 41 seconds of gut-wrenching nasal drip drama.

  • The Serene Branson Auto-Tune Remix is Berry Very Dareson [VIDEO]

    The embargo on good taste regarding the Serene Branson Grammy video officially ended last night when CBS2 put to rest false rumors that the anchor had suffered a stroke on-air. Well thankfully for us (and Ms. Branson) the internet is free again to what it does best... auto-tune, remix and ridicule the news. Not only is this remix "Berry Very Dareson", but it's also butter lay to da bone.

  • Actress Gets Head Slammed

    OK, I have no F'ing clue what the hell is going on here. Apparently the actress sitting at the table really pissed off of the reporters listening to the press conference, something about "not dressing appropriately for the weather," because right after that, somebody takes a table slam to the head. Either that, or this is just some Ali G-type prank to get us to see the movie.

  • Colt McCoy’s Girlfriend is Still Hot… So Are the Longhorns

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  • Colt McCoy’s Girlfriend Rachel Glandorf Bikini Pics

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  • Jenn Brown Might Be the New Hottest Sportscaster

    You’ve probably never heard of Jenn Brown until today (we hadn’t), but this former freelance sportscast…

  • Hot Reporter PWND By Zorb

    Hot Reporter Completely Owned by Zorb – Watch more free videos Not quite sure what the f**k a Zorb is, but they cue t…

  • Erin Andrews’ Phone Number Leaks… Does Kimmel

    I wouldn’t say Erin Andrews went away, but for the last month there hasn’t been anything new to report on ES…

  • Miss COED: Rachel Nichols

    Meet Rachel Nichols: no, not the ginger ESPN sideline reporter, but the Rachel Nichols that will be starring in JJ Abram…