Angenette Levy: Full Story & Must-See Photos Of Making A Murderer Reporter

The discovery of WKRC Cincinnati reporter Angenette Levy is one of the only positives to come out of Making A Murderer. If you’ve watched Netflix’s new docuseries Making A Murderer, you’re aware that they paint the state of Wisconsin in a very unattractive light. I mean, seriously, is there no sunlight up there or something? Is it a state full of vampires? Literally every face show on the show is a hard 5 or less (on the classic scale of 1-10, of course). However, there was one person who had some potential, and that person is news reporter Angenette Levy.
According to her Twitter bio, Angenette is “Reporter at WKRC in Cincinnati. Cat and puppy mama. Loves coffee, great conversation, good stories, a big laugh and so much more!”
You can find Angenette’s Twitter page here and her Facebook page here.
It also turns out Angenette is something of a bada** too. She once literally rescued a kidnapped child.
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Also, she’s once randomly popped up on The Late Show With David Letterman. Apparently, she’s a Cincinnati Bearcat. She looks pretty young here, so this must be before the famed Steven Avery case.
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