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  • Dianna Agron: “GLEE” Gal From The Killers Video Is Sexier As a Girl

    [40 pics!] Who's that gal being a guy in The Killers' new video for "Just Another Girl"? It's Dianna Agron from Glee--so check her out with and without her mustache!

  • GLEE Star Naya Rivera Makes Cover of Rolling Stone: Here’s Why [37 Photos]

    Naya RIvera's on the cover of Rolling Stone--and these pics will prove why she's always been a rock star to us!

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    The 10 Most Sarcastic TV Characters of All-Time. Or Whatever.

    It is Sarcasm Awareness Month, after all.

  • Meet Ruby Rose: We Like Demi Lovato’s (Alleged) Taste in Lesbian Lovers [PHOTOS]

    So it seems that Demi Lovato might be a Method Actor when it comes to her lesbian love scenes in Glee. That’s acco…

  • Caitlin Carver on GLEE [See Her Tonight]

    [21 pics!] Tonight's the night for Demi Lovato's lesbian hook up with Naya Rivera on Glee--but we're looking to be distracted by Caitlin Carver's guest turn...

  • See Her Tonight [Becca Tobin On GLEE]

    Becca Tobin on Glee (9 PM EST, FOX) Admit it, 9 o’clock your bracket is already going to be busted. Might as well tak…

  • See Her Tonight [Vanessa Lengies On GLEE]

    Glee is known for bringing out the best looking young talent and that isn't going to change on tonight's show. Vanessa Lengies guest stars as Sugar Motta in an episode that...

  • Melissa Benoist [See Her Tonight on GLEE]

    17 pics! We're getting a slew of holiday programming over the next few nights, so we're thankful to be wrapping up this week with Melissa Benoist still rocking on Glee--which is airing an actual original episode this Thanksgiving. She hasn't shaken up the ratings, but we know Melissa will still be a rising starlet when Glee wraps up--so feast on these hot images now...

  • Heather Morris [See Her Tonight on PUNK'D]

    16 pics! The ratings weren't great for Glee's season finale, so it's a good thing that Heather Morris is branching out to dirty tricks on tonight's Punk'd. Of course, Heather is notorious for once punking herself by posting naughty pictures of herself on Twitter. We've got a few of those and plenty more hot pics of Heather right here--and that's no cruel joke!

  • Celebrities CAUGHT Without Makeup: Katy Perry, Madonna, and Penelope Cruz

    As long as there are celebrities in the world, COED will continue to capture stars without makeup. It’s our job t…

  • Lindsay Lohan [See Her Tonight on GLEE + 127 Pics Here!]

    The kids of Glee move up to the Nationals in tonight's big finale, which includes worldwide sex symbol Lindsay Lohan. We can only hope that tonight's guest judge (playing herself!) will be a good influence on the impressionable young high-school students of the show. Lindsay's sure had an influence on us--so check out plenty of pics to get gleeful over!

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    Are These Leaked Nude Photos Of Glee’s Heather Morris?

    It would seem that phone hackers have been working overtime this month. Last Sunday, we bore witness to the release of po…

  • In the Mixtape: RIP Don Cornelius, Fiona Apple’s Back, Grammys Are Comin’ [VIDEOS]

    COED Nation, what’s good in your world? Welcome to another edition of Al Jones’ Songs of the Week. Hope you have endured a…

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    Top 10 Worst Successful TV Shows [VIDEOS & POLL]

    While we’re hardly TV snobs (hey, it’s not called the "boob tube" for nothing) there are some shows we definitely can’t stand. Fortunately, we do have people with the common sense to know when it's time to pull the plug. But often times, we get television programs that don't know when to stay dead after jumping the shark. Like a zombie, they lurch across our TV screens and eat away at every last brain cell until we're mute vegetables unable to change the channel. Here's a top ten list of the television shows which manage to suck hard while dominating the ratings!

  • Wii Fit Was Invented For Bikini Models [LINKS]

    • This Makes Wii Fit Suck A Lot Less • The First Dodgers Fan Fight Of The Year • Rutger Hauer Thinks A Blade Runner Remake Is A Bad IdeaMan Of The Moment: Coco Crisp • 25 Hot Girls In The Middle Of Nowhere • Philly Phanatic Doing Lady Gaga Egg ThingDating, It's Complicated: Cat Person See more awesome links after the jump!

  • January Jones’ Cleavage Wins Big at the 2011 Golden Globes [12 Photos]

    Social Network, Glee and Boardwalk Empire were among the night's biggest winners at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards Sunday evening, but for our money January Jones' amazing cleavage was the night's biggest star. January donned a smokin' red dress that showcased her best features nicely. She handed out the award for Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical alongside Jimmy Fallon making it the only point of the night where three amazing boobs shared the same stage.

  • 66 Women Who Wowed 2010

    This is about that time when every site releases their annual lists of the best and worst that went down in the calendar year. It’s a time for everyone to reflect on all the memorable moments; to place a bow on the past and send it packing as we welcome Baby New Year. For the past couple years, COED has released our annual “Women That Wowed” list (here’s 2008 and 2009). It’s a rundown of the females in pop culture who made an impression on us – whether it was for posing nude, declaring their sexuality, or for demanding oral sex. Is it always about sex? No. Some of the ladies on this list might surprise you. They sure surprised us.

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    The Top 5 Ladies Men On TV Today

    Previously, we brought you the 5 Sexiest Sitcom Stars of All-Time and the 10 Best Bros on Television. Now, not all the bros on that list could get with those sexy sitcom stars, but THESE 5 fictional ladies men of TV Land would definitely get the job done. Take note of their seduction methods and watch your Q score skyrocket. Who's #1? Find out after the jump!

  • 66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 9 – 1

    Natalie’s always been a favorite here at COED – just look at some of our posts: we’d cast her in the All Female A-Team movie…

  • 66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 23 – 10

    Mexico’s Hottest Sportscaster and FHM’s fifth sexiest female sports reporter caused waves when reports that the Jets…

  • 66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 37 – 24

    This 25 year old UFC Ring Girl, Need To Know Personality, and Miss COED made her debut in 2006 but for some reason always to…

  • 66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 51 – 38

    This 23 year old actress first caught our eye in “Hot Tub Time Machine” back in March playing the Great White Buffalo (Joh…

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Watching Glee

    The show Glee has been a monster hit. The recipe of celebrity cameos, acapella covers of pop hits, and a feel good story ha…

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    TV This Week: Premieres! Premieres!! Premieres!!!

    This is a hot, hot week in television. There are a lot of premieres, so this week's column is just the tip of the iceberg! Dive in at your own risk.

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    TV This Week: Music, Art, and Vampires

    This week brings premieres, finales, and a notable awards show. In particular, there's a lot of artsy stuff going on this week. So tune in and turn up your appreciation of the finer things in life.