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Jul 8, 2014

Maryland Bans Everclear And Grain Alcohol–RIP Jungle Juice

College students in the state of Maryland and bordering statesĀ (including PA + VA) took a heavy hit earlier this...

Nov 8, 2012

Is A Bottle Of Everclear Strong Enough To Kill Shoenice? [VIDEO]

Has Shoenice finally met his match? If you answered "no," you've clearly seen this legend's videos before. This man is a machine powered by liquor. In that respect, he's kind of like Bender from Futurama.

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Sep 21, 2010

Liquor Most Likely to Induce a Blackout

Usually Jameson or Patron would be enough fuel for the fire, but every once in a while we still find ourselves creeping into something with the ultimate in extra torque. Whether it's Everclear, Bacardi 151, or Yukon Jack, these guys are capable of being your best friends or worst enemies within the blink of an eye.