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  • Dog Adorably Plays Dead In Order To Avoid Bath Time [VIDEO]

    Solid strategy by the canine. Should use this method whenever my girlfriend tries to make me bathe.

  • If You Drink 4+ Cups Of Coffee A Day, You’re Going To Die

    Excuse me? That’s disturbing (as I still take a sip from my 2nd coffee of the day at only 9:45).

  • Esther Williams: Woman Who Won The Week [PHOTOS]

    She was the hottest beach babe of the ’40s and ’50s…

  • Say Hello To The Man Who Sexually Abused His Peacock To Death

    So George Carlin really didn’t die, he just acquired that crazy look in his eyes and started f*cking peacocks? I d…

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    The Balcony is Closed, Film Critic Roger Ebert Has Died

    Film buffs may have had their differences with critics but they always held Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, best known for t…

  • R.I.P. Lanier Greig, Keyboardist From ZZ Top [VIDEO]

    Anybody who was in ZZ Top, even if it was just for a year, is cooler than we’ll ever be.…

  • ‘Dead’ Man Walks In On His Own Funeral [VIDEO]

    Where to even start with this story? How about at the end and we work our way backwards... There are drunk people at the funeral. That's good. I always figure a funeral is a great place to turn up hammered. And apparently Brazilian funerals are pretty casual if they don't even bother to verify if the person in the coffin is the actual person who the funeral is for...

  • From The Makers Of ‘Evil Dead’ Comes The New Movie ‘Evil Dead’ [REDBAND TRAILER]

    They're remaking Evil Dead. But before you diehard fans of the original freak out, know that "they" isn't some heartless Hollywood producer. Both original writer/director/executive producer Sam Raimi and original star/executive producer Bruce Campbell are involved in the remake. Still, watching the trailer...

  • Sylvia Kristel World’s First Adult Actress Found Dead [PHOTOS]

    Arguably the world’s first porn star Sylvia Kristel was unfortunately found dead this morning after a battle wi…

  • 50 Rarely Seen Marilyn Monroe Photos for the 50th Anniversary of her Death

    Marilyn Monroe shocked the nation with her death on August 5, 1962—after she often shocked the nation with her amazing l…

  • Amanda Detner [See Her Tonight on NECESSARY ROUGHNESS]

    21 pics! She stepped in front of a bus and into film history in the first Final Destination—although some guys had already discovered Amanda Detner as a beauty queen in the 1999 comedy Drop Dead Gorgeous. Now she has a recurring role on the psych-sports dramedy Necessary Roughness. Try to avoid roughing yourself up while checking out this very necessary gallery of a very hot gal...

  • Sage Moonblood Stallone, RIP–And Thanks For These Videos Of The Day!

    To reporters covering his death, Sage Stallone was the son of Sylvester Stallone. He was much more to film geeks. Sage used his showbiz heritage to restore some of the greatest schlock films of all time. He helped run Grindhouse Releasing, putting out pristine copies of plenty of genuinely weird movies. Celebrate Sage's heritage with four amazing grindhouse trailers--and follow the link inside to more Sage greatness!

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    Richard Dawson’s Dead–Just Like He Predicted in 1967! [VIDEO]

    COED readers probably best know the late Richard Dawson as Damon Killian. He played the homicidal game-host in the 1987…

  • Coldplay Pays Tribute To MCA With “Fight For Your Right” Cover [VIDEO]

    On May 4th, the same day that it was announced Adam Yauch (MCA) from the Beastie Boys died, Coldplay was performing at the…

  • 28 Rare + Vintage Photos of the Beastie Boys

    The first rap album I ever listened to was courtesy of my older cousin – a tape of Licensed to Ill. I’m not old…

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    Is Dick Clark in Heaven or Hell? COED Debates!

    The mourning period is over, and everyone’s accepted that Dick Clark will no longer be around to host our next New…

  • Woman Kills Man By Smashing His Testicles With Her Bare Hands

    Yes, you read that headline correctly. A woman in Haiku City, China has allegedly killed a man in a parking dispute by …

  • R.I.P. Austin Icon Leslie Cochran: 1951 – 2012 [18 PHOTOS]

    Austin's favorite cross-dressing, stiletto-strutting, thong bearing homeless icon, Leslie Cochran, was announced dead today. The city lost more than a man this morning, and we don't just mean his womanly alter-ego. Leslie was a legend, a landmark, often a mayoral candidate and always a hell of a time. Known for his high heels and g-strings, he turned more heads than slutty, under-age college girls.

  • Was Gaddafi A Fashion Icon? [32 PHOTOS]

    He was an @sshole but Muammar Gaddafi had a sense of style that said, honey badger don't give a sh*t. Jeff Ross used him as inspiration at the Roast of Charlie Sheen and it's only a matter of time until Kanye is rocking the pastel military dictator look. PS - I've never seen a dude with more variations on the spelling of his name then this guy. At this point, I'm pretty sure you can throw a game of Scrabble at the wall and whichever letters are facing up would be an acceptable spelling. Anyway, check out his pimp wardrobe in our gallery after the jump.

  • R.I.P. Steve Jobs… “You Changed The World” 1955 – 2011 [VIDEO]

    Steve Jobs once asked the President of Pepsico  “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water o…

  • Amy Winehouse Dead at 27 [PHOTOS]

    Amy Winehouse was found dead Saturday afternoon in her London home. The cause of death has to be determined. The singer-songwriter's career has been plummeting downward and out of control since she first topped the charts with 2006's Record of the Year, Back to Black. Excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs certainly had taken their toll in recent years on the body "and teeth" of the once-very-promising and sexy songstress. It has not been a good week for the British or their Tabloids.

  • Truly Tasteless Michael Jackson Jokes: 2 Years Postmortem Edition

    What's worse than losing the King of Pop? How about everyone forgetting that the King of Pop actually turned into the King of Creep years before he died? In the past two years we've been subjected to numerous tributes that all seem to leave out the fact that his nose fell off during a child molestation trial. Sure, the guy was a music legend in the 80s and 90s, and has unquestionably written some of the best pop songs in the history of all mankind, but he was also the inspiration for numerous childrens' nightmares, wet mattresses and countless hours of therapy. So in honor of the real Michael Jackson being dead for two years, we present truly tasteless Michael Jackson jokes. Check 'em out after the jump.

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    Who Will Buy A Stairway To Heaven in 2011? [DEATH WATCH POLL]

    A morbid question, we know, but a relevant one nonetheless. Each year we are confronted by the demise of a few famous faces, from the shocking deaths of Patrick Swayze, Brittany Murphy and Michael Jackson in 2009 to the tragedy of Gary Coleman and Greg Giraldo in 2010. It's inevitable, then, that 2011 will also see its fair share of star stiffs; check out our rundown of who we think will bite the dust next year after the jump.