True Detective

Jan 8, 2019

Carmen Ejogo Is The Star Of ‘True Detective’ Season 3

Carmen Ejogo, born on October 22, 1973, in London, is an English actress who is known for her role in...

Mar 27, 2017

‘True Detective’ Season 3 May Be Alive At HBO After All

The first season of HBO’s True Detective unfurled an engaging serial killer mystery with gorgeous gothic undertones and imagery bolstered...

Jun 23, 2016

WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Says He Would Return To True Detective, Reminding Us Time Is A Flat Circle

True Detective’s first season was one of the most gripping television shows I’ve ever seen. Straight up, that’s not even...

Jun 17, 2015

The Hottest Women of True Detective Season 2

The crew of True Detective Season 2 has been incredibly tight-lipped about the upcoming HBO series, but there are some...

Jun 10, 2015

The True Detective 2 Details You’ve Been Waiting For Have Arrived

Over the past few months, HBO has been very silent about True Detective Season Two, causing audiences to become desperate...

May 29, 2015

Watch Alexandra Daddario’s Sexy ‘True Detective’ Scene on Repeat

Remember that scene in True Detective when Woody Harrelson’s smokin’ hot sidepiece Alexandra Daddario stripped down to nothing then handcuffed...

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May 14, 2015

WATCH: True Detective Season 2 Trailer [VIDEO]

And there's actually dialogue in this one.

Rachel McAdams: Hottest Photos on the Internet

The new star of True Detective is making moves.

Apr 22, 2015

The ‘True Detective’ Season 2 Poster is Extra Creepy

We wouldn't expect anything else from True Detective.

Apr 22, 2015

True Detective Season 2: Plot Rumors, Cast, Photos

True Detective Season 2, the follow up to the hit show on HBO, cannot come fast enough. That’s why we’re...

Mar 20, 2015

Sep 26, 2014

Rachel McAdams Will Join the Next Season of “True Detective” [PICS]

The cast for the new season of True Detective is filling out rather nicely in more ways than one. News...

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Sep 23, 2014

Vince Vaughn To Get Serious With Colin Farrell on “True Detective”

  Ever since the end of the first groundbreaking season of HBO’s True Detective, everyone’s been speculating about who would...

Mar 11, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel & Seth Rogen Star in “True Detective 2” [VIDEO]

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and actor Seth Rogen spoofed HBO’s True Detective–because when a show breaks HBO Go because so...

Feb 23, 2014

Azure Parsons on “True Detective” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

[25 pics!] Tonight's True Detective is packed full of hot femmes to detect--but we're getting amazed over Azure...

Feb 2, 2014

Kill Time Before The Super Bowl With Alexandra Daddario [PHOTOS]

Since the Super Bowl is tonight, there will be no True Detective on HBO. That’s a shame because that show...

Jan 26, 2014

Michelle Monaghan on “True Detective” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

[22 pics!] We know the Grammys are happening, but check out why it's a crime to miss Michelle Monaghan on True Detective!

Jan 12, 2014

Alexandra Daddario on “True Detective” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

[27 pics!] The brunette with the bangin' bod makes her cable debut tonight--in the acclaimed series that finally delivers her first nude scenes!