Sep 26, 2016

This Is How Much The Average Dude Is Willing To Spend To Go On A Date With Margot Robbie

If you wanted to buy a date with Harley Quinn, it would not be cheap, unsurprisingly. According to cashback rewards...

Aug 18, 2016

These Are The Top 5 Excuses Men Use When Cheating, And Wow No Wonder We Always Get Caught

People cheat. It happens. I’ve cheated. I’ve also been cheated on. For whatever reason though, men are always considered the...

Oct 13, 2011

COED’s Facebook Survey Results Are In! [Infographic]

Whether you're willing to admit it or not, you're completely addicted to Facebook. It's the first thing you check when you wake up and it's the last thing you see before you go to sleep. Your life is a neverending cycle of updating your newsfeed, making fun of old friend's lame statuses and telling everyone who will listen that you miss the old Facebook. Whether you've been on since the beginning or you just signed up, you already understand the urge to be connected at all times. We know that, we understand that and we wanted to find out just how far your obsession goes. That's why we set out to conduct the most epic Facebook survey ever. 2500 participants and way too many horrifying fill-in-the-blank answers later, we had some epic results on our hand? How epic? Check them out after the jump!

The Most Epic Facebook Survey You’ll Ever Take In Your Entire Life

Before cell phones and caller IDs, people used to actually answer their phones without knowing who was on the other end. When the caller would ask, "Do you have time to participate in a quick survey?" peeps be like, "Talk to my friend, Tone" then hang up. I was one of the few people who'd answer all the questions. Why? 'Cuz it made the caller happy. I'm a people pleaser. Well, now, we're asking YOU to take OUR Facebook survey. You'll make us happy and in return we can make you happy. How? Well, if you take the survey you could win an Xbox 360 250GB with Kinect and Halo Reach (value $470.00) or a $200 Apple gift card courtesy of Shark Night 3D. We'll publish the results and announce the winner about 2-3 weeks from today (9/12 - 9/18). Full details are after the jump.

Aug 25, 2011

Would You Give Up Sex For 1 Year For Digital Textbooks? [POLL]

Chicks dig guys who show off their manhood - whether it's lifting a ton of weight, running a ton of miles, hitting a ton of home runs, drinking a ton of booze, or eating a ton of food. If you're winning, they're sinning. Thing is women don't like boning as much as guys. So, I gotta believe this survey from Kno, Inc. in which they asked if college students would give up sex for a year to get free digital textbooks must be ALL female respondents. Check out the findings then vote in our poll after the jump.

Aug 1, 2011

Don’t Be A Chick, Take The AskMen Great Male Survey

Over the course of June, AskMen has released three parts to the survey to end all surveys (at least until next year): The Great Male Survey. Much like the Great Dane, the survey is large and impressive. The survey's goal is "to understand exactly what it means to be a man" in today's age. While most of you shout out, 2 balls and a shaft, we shout back John Kruk's a man and he only has one nut. Anyway, the first part focused on Dating and Sex, the second concentrated on Lifestyle, and the last part  spotlights Men In 2011. The results will be published in at the end of July, so get to clickin' lest you want today's men to be considered a bunch of metro p*ssies.

Jun 30, 2011

May 17, 2010

10 Job Hunting Tips for the Broke and Unemployed

We’ve all heard that stat that like, 99 percent of jobs aren’t listed – they’re found through networking. Problem is, for most people, networking is about as welcome as near-pregnancies. Sad but true: of those moving back home with mom and dad, 31 percent of those surveyed expect to live at home longer than one year. With these numbers, you need to add some non-networking tips to your game plan.

Nov 17, 2008

Sex: You’re Doing It Wrong

According to a new survey by Men’s Fitness and Shape magazine, 85-percent of dudes think of themselves as “good” or...

Nov 13, 2007

The Daily Shocker: Ask 500 People

Does true love exist? Ask 500 people. Are male doctors more trusted than women doctors? Ask 500 people. Ham or...