Oct 14, 2019

Top 5 Biggest Video Game Scandals Of All Time

Blizzard has been under fire after suspending a pro-Hearthstone player after his pro-Hong Kong remarks during a Livestream. Blizzard has...

Oct 5, 2017

'Scandal' Stream: How To Watch Season 7 Premiere Online Judging by the preview video for the new season of...

Apr 20, 2017

'Scandal' Live Stream: How To Watch Season 6, Episode 11 Online

ABC’s Scandal continues its sixth season tonight with episode No. 11, “Trojan Horse,” at 9:00 P.M. EST. Here’s the recap...

September 26, 2013: Mayor Cory Booker Wakes Up To A Sex Scandal

Check out pics of stripper Lynsie Lee, and the latest developments in her Twitter relationship with Senate candidate Cory Booker...

Sep 26, 2013

VietJetAir Serves Up Sexy In-Flight Bikini Dancers [PHOTOS, VIDEO + HOT STEWARDESS TRIBUTE!]

We’re lucky to get served peanuts when we get stuck flying nowadays. But you can book us on a flight...

Aug 10, 2012

Why Isn’t This Olympic Boxing Scandal Bigger News? [VIDEO]

[youtube=] Movies always talk about cheating in boxing, throwing matches, and taking bribes but that’s Hollywood at it’s best–you wouldn’t...

Aug 9, 2012

Nov 10, 2011

NMA TV’s WTF Report On Joe Paterno’s Firing, Plus Riot Footage [VIDEOS]

If you're not familiar with NMA TV's computer animated awesomeness, do yourself... a favor and check out their YouTube channel. I first discovered their wacky take on current events via Adult Swim, which aired the videos WITHOUT English subtitles, making the whole experience triply WTF. Anyway, it was only a matter of time before they got their hands on Jerry Sandusky, a definite turn of the table / taste of his own medicine if I ever heard one. In all fairness that zebra had it comin'. Check out blind monkeys, Michael Jackson dancing with pedobears, and a very aggressive tiger after the jump.

Oct 20, 2008

7′-7″ Kenny George Has Right Foot Amputated

Kenny George, 7-7 UNC-Ashville Center, Has Right Foot Amputated UNC Asheville’s Kenny George, at 7-foot-7 the nation’s tallest college basketball...

Oct 4, 2007

The Daily Shocker: Latin-Americans Love Life

Statistics show that most Latin-American countries rank highest in a worldwide poll for “personal satisfaction.” Hot weather, nachos, Corona and...

Jul 30, 2007

Drunk Astronauts Give New Meaning to AirSick Bags

In the wonderful world (bubble) of a college student, it seems very little can be accomplished without an adequate “pregameâ€?...

Jun 27, 2007

Not Your Average Bomb: The Gay Bomb

I’ll be the first to admit that I did some messed up shit to my frenemies during my younger years....

Dec 30, 2006

Getting Something for Nothing: College Betting Scandals

Sports and gambling go together like bees and honey, and even professional athletes can&#39t escape the lure. CO-ED relives some of our favorite college betting scandals of all time.