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Apr 8, 2014

Is This The Most Beautiful And Loving Scene From Last Night’s UConn Riots?

It wouldn’t be a proper riot without someone, somewhere getting some nookie. When cars start flipping and lamp posts get...

Aug 17, 2012

Pussy Riot Found Guilty! Femme Punk Rockers Learn Russia Is Still Like Russia!

On February 21st, three members of the Russian punk-rock collective known as Pussy Riot pulled off a guerrilla performance in...

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Aug 8, 2012

Pussy Riot! Russian Punk Rockers Get Love From Madonna And Masses! [40 PHOTOS]

Wanna know about the real punks, punk? Then check out the ordeal of the ladies of Pussy Riot—who are currently...

Apr 23, 2012

Kent State “College Fest” Blockparty Transforms Into Teargassed Riot [35 PHOTOS]

This past weekend, the students at Kent State held an annual block party they call “College Fest.” While everyone was...

May 26, 2010

The 5 Scariest Soccer Hooligan Brawls

The World Cup is nearly upon us, and while the global clash of soccer titans is one of the greatest events in sports, some fan insanity is an exciting unfortunate part of its history. People are about as serious as a heart attack when it comes to their nation's teams. From fisticuffs in the stands, to all out brawls and rioting in the streets, the international community sure takes their sports seriously.

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Apr 12, 2010

James Madison U. Block Party Gone Wrong (Riot Videos)

Spring is in the air. But for students at James Madison University, there's now also a hint of tear gas. This Saturday the school's annual Springfest block party devolved into a riot of more than 8,000 people and resulted in more than 200 police officers attempting to break it up.

Right-Wing College Group Riles Students on Campuses Nationwide

A student group that bills itself as "America's right wing youth movement" focused on countering radical multiculturism, socialism and mass immigration is causing a stir on a growing number of college campuses across the country. The conservative political group Youth for Western Civilization is currently organized on at least seven university campuses...

Apr 30, 2009

Iowa Cubs Baseball Game Gets Zero Paying Fans

Iowa Cubs Summer Baseball Game Gets Zero Paying Fans Sexy WAG Gemma Atkinson Hits The Beach Riot Police Should Be...

Jun 19, 2008