Aug 1, 2019

Ranking All Super Bowl Winners Of The Past Decade (2010-2019)

You can almost smell the tailgates being held outside of stadiums and in less than a week we will get...

Jul 26, 2011

Bart Scott CAN’T WAIT To Sue Tim Tebow [VIDEO]

So, by now, you've heard the NFL Lockout is over. We would say thank the Lord, but Tim Tebow's already done that about a bajillion times so we're good. We received an email from this agency pointing us to a video they created with some players to promote Madden '12. In the video, Tim Tebow exclaims in his best Bart Scott voice, "Can't wait!" Little does Tebowner know Scott trademarked that 'ish.  Looks like the quarterback will be coughing up greenbacks to the Jets linebacker. That'll teach Timmy to stop quoting people (Jesus is getting pissed, dude). See the video evidence after the jump.