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Miss America

Sep 11, 2017

Margana Wood: Hottest Photos of Miss Texas 2017

The Miss America pageant was last night, with Cara Mund becoming the first ever contestant from North Dakota to win...

Sep 11, 2017

Cara Mund Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures of Miss America 2018

Cara Mund, 23, born in Bismarck, North Dakota, became the first ever North Dakota contestant to win the pageant on...

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Sep 11, 2017

Cara Mund Becomes The First Ever North Dakota Contestant To Win Miss America

Cara Mund, a Miss America contestant from North Dakota, has become the first ever Miss America winner from that state....

May 15, 2017

25-Year-Old Chemist Kára McCullough Wins Miss USA 2017

Kára McCullough, a 25-year-old nuclear chemist who works for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, has been crowned Miss USA 2017....

Sep 12, 2016

Savvy Shields: 22 Hottest Photos Of Miss America 2017

On Sunday, September 11 2016, Savvy Shields was crowned Miss America 2017. The 21-year-old Fayetteville, Arkansas native beat out 51...

Sep 8, 2016

Miss America 2017 Contestants: Must-See Photos

The Miss America 2017 pageant will take place on Sunday, September 11 at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New...

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Jun 23, 2016

Erin O’Flaherty Photos: Must-See Pictures of Miss Missouri

Erin O’Flaherty, who was crowned last night as Miss Missouri, just became the first openly gay woman to compete in...

Betty Cantrell, Miss America 2015: Hottest Photos On The Web

Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell is your new Miss America--and here's why we're still excited about Miss America....

Sep 13, 2015

Meet the Gorgeous Miss America 2016 Contestants

The 2016 Miss America pageant is this weekend and to prepare ourselves, we’re getting better acquainted with the gorgeous contestants....

Sep 11, 2015

Miss New York Nina Davuluri Wins Miss America 2014 [PHOTOS]

Clearly the judges at Miss America know what’s up because for the second year in a row, Miss New York...

Sep 16, 2013

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Sep 13, 2013

Sgt. Teresa Vail Of Kansas Set To Be First Miss America Contestant To Show Tattoos

Beauty, brains, and balls. The perfect woman. Sgt. Teresa Vail of Kansas, Kansas State University and the National Guard has...

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Feb 3, 2013

Miss America Picks Ravens Because She Can’t Pick Giants [VIDEO]

Miss America (and former Miss New York), Mallory Hytes Hagan, is picking the Baltimore Ravens to win the Super Bowl....

Jan 14, 2013

Miss Iowa Admits Supporting All Sorts Of Marijuana During Miss America Pageant [VIDEO]

A contestant in a pageant sounding like an idiot during the question and answer session? Who’d expect that to happen?...

Jan 14, 2013

[18 PHOTOS] Miss New York Mallory Hytes Hagan Crowned Miss America 2013

On Saturday, January 14th, Mallory Hytes was crowned Miss America 2013. And even though she won under the banner of...

Dec 29, 2012

Katherine Webb: Woman Who Won The Week [PHOTO GALLERY]

How many beauty queens do you know who can hook you up with free Chik Fil-A?...

Jun 20, 2011

Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella’s 125 Sexiest Facebook Photos

If you didn't tune in for the Miss USA 2011 pageant last night, you missed Kelly Osbourne being completely out-of-place and the crowning of this year's winner, Miss California USA Alyssa Campanella. We had a hunch she'd win and her Q&A segment pretty much sealed the deal. We're still baffled about Miss Florida and Miss Hawaii getting the early exit, though. Anyway, we're friends with the red-hot redhead on Facebook and we want you to be friends with her, too, so we pulled her sexiest pics from her album and placed them in the gallery you see after the jump.

Jun 19, 2011

Alyssa Campanella Crowned Miss USA 2011 [75 PHOTOS]

Back in December we told you about 21 year old Alyssa Campanella calling her the sexiest Ginger on Earth. Tonight she was crowned Miss USA 2011 in Las Vegas representing California in the pageant. Now she will go on to the Miss Universe pageant in September. Here are 75 photos of the new Miss USA.

Jan 16, 2011

[14 PHOTOS] Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady and Her Bizarre Yodeling Ventriloquism Routine Video

Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady may have placed 2nd in Saturday night's Miss America 2011 Pageant, but her yodeling / ventriloquism rendition of "I Wanna Be a Cowboy Sweetheart" took first place for 'creepiest and most bizarre' in the talent competition. I'm not sure what makes a beautiful girl like Alyse turn to yodeling with two ventriloquist dolls named Rosie and Rocky, but I would bet there is an estranged Uncle somewhere in the equation.

Jan 15, 2011

[20 PHOTOS] Miss Nebraska Teresa Scanlan Crowned Miss America 2011

Miss Nebraska Teresa Scanlan was crowned Miss America 2011 Saturday night in the 90th Annual Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas. The 17 year-old blonde bombshell blew fans away with her beautiful smile, bubbly personality and mad rendition of "White Water Chopsticks" on the piano. She aspires to one day to sit on the Supreme Court of the United States, but we'd be more than content to see her sit for a bikini shoot COED style.

Jan 15, 2011

[28 BIKINI PHOTOS] 2011 Miss America Swimsuit Competition

Saturday night, 53 women from the US, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands will compete for...

Sep 22, 2010

COED Exclusive: Saving Abel’s Sex Advice

Hot on the heels of their latest hit release - Miss America - the Mississippi rockers known as Saving Abel decided to offer COED an exclusive. Not an unreleased track nor a typical interview, but something a little different. Members Jared Weeks, Jason Null, Scott Bartlett, Eric Taylor and Blake Dixon collectively put their own spin on what drives a woman "crazy" in bed. The key word here being "crazy". You won't find any of this advice in Cosmo, that's for sure...

Aug 23, 2010

28 Beauty Queens Gone Wild [PICS]

Tonight is the 2010 Miss Universe competition so if the Gorgeous Girls of Miss Universe 2010: Bikini Edition wasn't enough for you , we’ve decided to showcase 28 beauty queens of the world who have gone wild (some in more impressive ways than others). Check out 28 Beauty Queens Gone Wild right here!!

Jan 28, 2010

28 Beauty Queens Gone Wild

On the doorstep of this weekend’s 2010 Miss America competition taking place in Sin City (Las Vegas, Nevada), we’ve decided...