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Mega Man

Jun 11, 2013

Nintendo Promises More Wii U Games, Hopefully Not ‘NintendoLand 2’

Nintendo has had to cover a lot of ground since they announced the Wii U console at the last E3...

Feb 19, 2013

Pixel Jams: ‘Mega Man 2’ [COMIC]

Pixel Jams is a comedic take on gaming from the mind of Adam Slater…...

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Mar 8, 2011

Mega Man This, Starscream! [VIDEO]

It's a fight that would only take place in the darkest recesses of the geek mind: a clash between Capcom's Mega Man and Megatron's treacherous lackey Starscream! Watch these veritable titans of robot culture go shot for shot in this explosive stop motion video. Did we mention Proto-Man and Gundams, too? Yeah, this video makes Robot Chicken look like the pilot episode of Gumby on cough medicine. Check it out after the jump!