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Jun 1, 2014

CNN Marks 34 Years On The Air: Here’s What Cable Looked Like [VIDEO]

On June 1, 1980, a new frontier in television news was launched, and the Cable News Network–that being┬áCNN–hasn’t been...

May 1, 2012

Bad Write-Ups: Sports Writers Keep Fumbling At Twitter

Twitter has claimed yet another victim in the world of sports. Chicago Sun-Times reporter Joe Cowley just said goodbye to...

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Apr 29, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel Kills It At The White House Correspondants’ Dinner [VIDEO]

We can understand if you didn’t watch the White House Correspondants’ Dinner, but you should know that you missed Jimmy...

Apr 14, 2010

9 Alternative Uses for the iPad (You Probably Haven’t Thought Of)

Odds are that people are already bored with the digital book reading and game playing and internet surfing on the iPad. Well luckily for them, COED has come up with 9 alternative uses for the iPad (which may or may not render it completely useless).

Mar 12, 2010

Movie Science . . .Revealed!

As the old Hollywood saying goes, the bigger the blockbuster, the most unlikely the plot. Filmmakers work hard to cultivate...

Oct 21, 2009

Balloon Boy Neighbor Fights the Media [Video]

At first, it might seem cool to live next door to the latest random celebrity, just to be able to say you were close to the "action." But pretty soon, reporters, cameramen, crews and news vans keep you from getting home after a hard day's work, and the only thing you want to do is start punching people in the face. You know, like this guy.

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Jan 4, 2008

Britney Spears Rushed to Hospital in Ambulance After Holding Her Kids Hostage

Has it finally happened? Are people finally ready to stop taking cheap shots at Britney Spears (both literally and figuratively)...

Jamie Lynn and Casey – Get Hitched or go to Jail?

As if the media hasn’t spent enough time ravaging the metaphorical colon of people across the internet and TV, we...

Dec 22, 2007

Michael Vick Sentenced to 23 Months in Jail

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in jail on felony charges related to dogfighting after a...

Dec 10, 2007

Does Mark Zuckerberg Deserve the Backlash After Beacon’s Bust?

Facebook’s Beacon Ad Platform wasn’t a monumental hit – right away. But, like in the past, media critics and snappy...

Dec 6, 2007

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Nov 15, 2007

Scott Boras Suffers from Rosenhaus Syndrome

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Scott Boras, douche to the athletic-stars who personally leaked the LA Dodgers “A-Rod news”...

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Sep 23, 2007

OSU Coach Mike Gundy Flips Out on the Media

Oklahoma State University Head Coach Mike Gundy is not a happy man. Take a look at this clip where Coach...