Aug 18, 2011

42 Most Memorable Movie Dudes of All-Time [POLL]

First, let's define "memorable" - it's something that's worth remembering or easily remembered. So, for our list of most memorable movie dudes, we took both meanings into consideration - male characters that are both easily remembered (you don't need hints, clues, or the like) and WORTH remembering. That's the key word here - worth. There are thousands of great performances or great actors who can bring any character to life but these male CHARACTERS are the ones we know right off the bat and are okay in our book. Check it out in our slideshow then vote for the most memorable in our poll after the jump.

Jul 18, 2010

5 Cardinal Rules to Traveling Abroad

There are some places that every person dreams of flying to once they figure out how to pay for the plane ticket. Fly to Amsterdam for "brownies" and you will spend at least a good ten hours crammed into a tiny seat; Germany for beers and babes, at least 14 hours. So while the eventual destination will totally rock once you get there...

Mar 4, 2008

The Teabag Incident

McLovin, also known as Christopher Mintz-Plasse, stars in The Teabag Incident....

Jan 4, 2008

Voting and YOU!

Ed Helms, Rachael Harris and Chris Mintz-Plasse (Superbad‘s McLovin’) star in this hilarious 1950’s style faux-info video. Register now at...

Jan 2, 2008

Movie Drinking Games for 2008

Film School Rejects is dedicated to one thing: drunkenness. The site has been slowly turning its readers into stumbling drunk...

Sep 19, 2007

The Daily Shocker: Tase Her

A wheelchair-bound, 56-year-old woman called 911 on her sister. Upon arrival to her house cops found the woman alone, wielding...

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Aug 2, 2007

‘Superbad’ review

The streak continues for Judd Apatow’s comedy crew. In Superbad, writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have take the signature...