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Joe Francis

Jul 23, 2014

“Girls Gone Wild Founder” Owes $5,000 A Day Until He Returns Cars

A judge instituted a $5,000/day fine against Joe Francis until he returns two cars (a Bentley Flying Spur and a...

Mar 1, 2013

‘Girls Gone Wild’ Has Gone Wildly Bankrupt

Chronic masturbators across our great nation are flying their Kleenexes at half-mast today in honor of a fallen friend. The...

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Apr 12, 2011

The Taxman Cometh: The 15 Most Infamous Tax Cheats of All-Time

Since 1955,  April 15th has always been referred to as "Tax Day", the final day to file one's federal and state income tax returns. This year, the deadline was extended to Monday, April 18th. As the "tax man cometh", the gainfully employed scurry to ensure they end up receiving and not owing. That is, unless you're a "tax cheat". The list of modern history’s most notorious tax cheats is a veritable who's who of murderers, pornographers, actors and run-of-the-mill wackos. But regardless of their background, color, race, religion, or creed, they all have one thing in common: they were all very rich when they committed their tax crimes. See our list of America's most infamous tax cheats after the jump!

May 30, 2010

6 Douchebag Celebrities Who Shouldn’t Reproduce

Jon Gosselin. It boggles the mind that he's a dad, an Octadad, no less. He is the posterboy for douchebags everywhere. Don't believe me? He wears Ed Hardy all the time. That should be evidence enough. I started thinking about other douchebag celebrities and what if these crazies started having babies? My head hurts thinking about it. Beware these five idiots. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Oct 8, 2008

Karissa and Kristina Shannon: Meet Hef’s New Twins

The Shannon Twins might be bigger fans of Playboy than us, and they might have just scored themselves a bedroom...