Jun 1, 2017

Jim Carrey Set To Face Trial For Ex-Girlfriend's Death & My Childhood Is Officially Ruined

I, like any child who grew up in the ’90s, essentially idolized Jim Carrey growing up. Ace Ventura, Liar Liar,...

May 31, 2017

According To Eminem, Jim Carrey Basically Wrote 'The Eminem Show'

On May 26, 2017, ‘The Eminem Show’ turned 15 years old. ‘The Eminem Show’ hold a special place in my...

Aug 10, 2012

20 Comedians and Comedy Actors Who Dropped Out Of School

Who says having an incredible education is the only way to find fame and fortune on this planet? From Steve...

Wrap It Up: Jim Carrey’s Love Letter To Emma Stone Edition

In today's edition of Wrap It Up, Jim Carrey professes his love for Emma Stone, ESPN wonders what Michael Vick looks like as a white guy, Blake Griffin interns for Funny or Die, Joseph Gordon-Levitt covers Nirvana, everyone pays tribute to Aaliyah, DMX got arrested again, Back To The Future will be a video game, Lady Gaga is the world's most powerful female celebrity, Zoe Saldana strips for GQ and much more. Check out the sh*t we should've published after the jump.

Aug 25, 2011

Finally! Yes Man – The Long Awaited Sequal to Liar Liar!

It’s been over 10 years since Jim Carrey has graced the screen in the tour-de-force that is, Liar! Liar! In...

Dec 19, 2008

Hey Jokester… Take Notes From the Champs

Why do you always embarrass yourself at parties by telling lame jokes? As we learned from Full House they aren’t...

Oct 4, 2007