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Jul 13, 2014

Harrison Ford Turns 72 And He’s Still Han Solo [VIDEOS]

It seems almost impossible to believe but Harrison Ford, the man who’s given us such iconic roles as Han Solo,...

May 4, 2013

Check Out This Giant Stash Of Star Wars Gear For May The 4th [VIDEO]

This guy maintains a chicken barn’s worth of Star Wars memorabilia, literally...

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Dec 4, 2012

Someone Is Finally Bringing Mankind A Millennium Falcon, Sort Of

“Star Wars” fans are well known for amassing massive collections of junk to celebrate their love for the films (or...

Jul 28, 2011

Wrap It Up: Chad Ochocinco Is A Patriot Edition

First the Pats got Albert Haynesworth, now they get Chad Ochocinco. Han Solo told Chewbacca off… NASCAR’s Maryeve Dufault is...

Mar 8, 2011

The 6 Best Fictional Bars For Geeks

Geeks and nerds are a somewhat skittish lot that tend to stay away from places replete with loud noises, rowdiness and general human contact. That's not to say the most famous worlds and universes of geekdom deprive themselves of a watering hole to unwind and drink their troubles away. Get ready to travel to galaxies far, far away to some of the greatest bars many of our favorite characters call their home away from home!

May 7, 2009

6 Things That Suck About the New Star Trek Movie (SPOILER ALERT)

You're in for a treat this summer: Star Trek is poised to be a popular success on the level of Iron Man. It's exciting, funny, and entertaining in ways that are accessible both to die-hard Trekkies and average movie lovers. Except for the parts where it sucks... (Spoiler Alert!)

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Oct 12, 2007

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Face it: you suck at buying or preparing a quality costume for Halloween. It happens. To make matters worse you...