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Aug 18, 2015

NWA Flowchart Shows Direct Influence of Infamous Rap Group

The movie Straight Outta Compton has taken the US by storm–just like N.W.A. did when they first came out. Not...

Nov 20, 2012

A Guy’s Guide To Fixing The Toilet [PHOTO]

Why the hell is fixing the toilet a man’s job? It’s not like guys are born with some inherent knowledge...

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May 9, 2011

Know When To Remove Facebook Friends [FLOWCHART]

There are times in life where you overdo it, you drink too much, eat too much, smoke too much - isn't that right, Dave Matthews? It seems to be the American way: we binge, then we purge, rinse and repeat. When you first joined Facebook, you'd friend request everyone; it didn't matter if you saw them once on a train or high fived them at a ball game, they're in. But then you realize you have WAY too many "friends" and they're clogging up your real-time stream with farmville and fat baby pics. So, how do you know when to remove a Facebook friend? The folks at Living With Balls produced a flowchart that should help you out. Check it out after the jump!

Mar 20, 2011

How To Make Your First Million Dollars [INFOGRAPHIC]

Online Schools created a flowchart to help you determine how you'll make your first million. Me? I'm on my sixth million, so it's difficult for me to remember my first - it was so long ago. Problem is just because you make a million doesn't mean you're rich, at least, according to a recent Fidelity Investments survey. The results from that questionnaire revealed respondents don't think they're "rich" until they have $7.5 million in the bank. Hmm, that's compelling and rich. Trace your path to mountains of money after the jump!

Mar 2, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Offered $3.4 Million For Explicit Sex Book

• Lindsay Lohan offered $3.4 million for a photo book of her having sex • 15 Hottest Premier League WAGs...

Aug 28, 2010

How Not To Dress Like A Douchebag (Flowchart)

Are you waking up in the morning, slipping on your freshly pressed Ed Hardy Tiger button up, gelling up your hair, and walking out the door with the confidence of a normal guy? Are you curious if all those chains hanging 'round your neck are attracting the ladies or just attracting Jersey Shore casting agents? Question no more. We've whipped up a handy little flowchart to help you figure out if your outfit says"I'm a huge douchebag."

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Aug 19, 2009

The 50 Funniest Internet Infographics

On average, the Internet is good for about four things: porn, news, being more of an assh*le than you'd ever be in person and quirky/hilarious/silly nonsense that helps you get through the workday without slitting your wrists. And one of the best forms of nonsense infographics - those clever, funny images that sum things up, lickity-split. So get ready Internetians, here are the 50 funniest infographics to ever hit the Web.