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Feb 22, 2018

Attention Rick & Morty Fans: Szechuan Sauce Is Coming Back To McDonald’s

Rick and Morty fans rejoice! The Szechuan sauce is officially coming back to McDonalds’ everywhere. The Szechuan sauce was first...

Sep 24, 2017

Rick & Morty Live Stream: How To Watch Season 3, Episode 9 Online

Rick and Morty is back and it is better than ever. Tonight’s exhilarating episode is titled “The ABC’s of Beth.”...

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Sep 17, 2017

Rick & Morty Live Stream: How to Watch Season 3, Episode 8 Online

Rick and Morty is back with another spanking new episode. Tonight’s show is all about Morty’s messed-up head, as he...

Sep 10, 2017

Rick & Morty Live Stream: How to Watch Season 3, Episode 7 Online

Rick and Morty has returned after a two-week hiatus with another spanking new episode. Tonight, the wacky scientist and his...

Aug 27, 2017

Rick & Morty Live Stream: How to Watch Season 3, Episode 6 Online

Rick and Morty is back with their sixth episode of this awesome third season. We’ve gotten a Pickle Rick, an...

Jul 26, 2014

5 Best Regular Show” Episodes, As Cartoon Network Renews [VIDEOS]

Fans of the surreal, hilarious, and ridiculous Cartoon Network series Regular Show rejoice, as the show has been renewed for...

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Nov 4, 2013

“Steven Universe” Debuts On Cartoon Network—-From the Makers of “Adventure Time”

Steven Universe premieres tonight. Created by Rebecca Sugar, writer and storyboard artist from Adventure Time. She’s an artist, musician and...

Is The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Re-Boot A Hoax? [POLL]

Like an awkward and mentally disturbed phoenix rising from the ashes, Aqua Teen Hunger Force will be going out in a blaze of glory, only to be given a long overdue reboot as Aqua Unit Patrol Squad - premiering May 8th! According to Cartoon Network, the show will be getting an entire overhaul - bringing the Aqua Teens back to their roots as the inept team of detectives they once were. Changes to the title and career aside, what else does the future hold for everyone's - okay, maybe not everyone's - favorite team of fastfood sleuths? Read on to find out more!

Apr 29, 2011

The Voice of Space Ghost’s Zorak & Moltar Speaks Out

C. Martin Croker used to voice both Zorak and Moltar on the 90's animated parody talk show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast. COED was really interested in what he was up to, what future animated shows he may be working on, where George Lowe is today (Space Ghost's voice over actor) and whether or not he enjoys showering with his helmet on. Please make sure you catch Croker at the Big Apple Comic Con hosted by Wizard World this May. For now, check out our interview, which contains clips from the show and a very provocative f***, marry, kill featuring Harley Quinn, Gravity Girl, and Wonder Woman after the jump!

Apr 17, 2011

9 Bad-Ass Brock Samson Moments From “The Venture Brothers” [LINKS]

• 9 Of Brock's Best Mummy-Beating, Henchmen-Killing Moments! • The Best (And Only) Mighty Ducks Rap In Existence • Founding Fathers Or Founding Tokers? • Crazy Rich Guy Makes It Rain Money At Starbucks • It Takes A Man To Be A Bad FatherDanica Thrall Is Pretty Damn Sexy See More Awesome Links After The Jump

Mar 25, 2011

Mar 10, 2011

8 Characters That Need To Return For The New Thundercats Cartoon

You know a television network devoted entirely to cartoons has just scraped the bottom of the idea barrel when they decide to re-imagine a classic cartoon from the golden age of animation - the rip roarin' 80s! With the veritable trash on Cartoon Network such as Dude, What Would Happen?, Total Drama World Tour and Tower Prep, watching an all-new Thundercats series is comparable to finding a diamond in a pile of horse sh*t. With the show's premiere drawing ever closer, fans wonder which secondary characters will get a 2011 overhaul, and which ones will be relegated to the pits of obscurity. Check out our list of classic Thundercats characters we'd love to see make a triumphant return after the jump!

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Nov 9, 2010

This Week in Weed: Wiz Khalifa Busted, Seth Rogen On Conan

First off, let us all take a moment of silence, for the rejection of Proposition 19 in California. Proposition 19,...

Aug 17, 2008

Prom Time’s Coming Up With Dr. Steve Brule

div#main{overflow:visible;} Dr. Steve Brule is back with yet another essential tip for those difficult life situations....