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May 16, 2016

Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Bikini Calendar Shoot 2017

The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders are part of a championship organization, and as such are not resting on their laurels this...

Mar 18, 2015

NY Jets Flight Crew Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar Shoot: Day 1 [PHOTOS]

The New York Jets may be in their off-season, but the team’s cheerleaders are hard at work. The beautiful ladies...

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Dec 4, 2014

#Instababes Calendar Features Charlotte Mckinney, Ashley Sky and More [PHOTOS]

Buffalo David Bitton–the same people who hired Ronda Rousey to take off her top–have taken sexy to the next level...

Oct 14, 2013

Daily Six Pack: What Your Cocktail Says About You, Film Director Fetishes & More [LINKS]

What your cocktail says about you Like it or not, the drink you order when you go to a bar...

Nov 29, 2012

CAUTION: The Hot Shots 2013 Calendar is Ridiculously HOT!!! [60 PHOTOS]

You don’t have to be a calendar connoisseur to appreciate Hot Shots, arguably the most anticipated sexy calendar each and...

Sep 25, 2012

13 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [September 25th – September 30th]

There’s not really a lot that I can tell you about Why This Week Won’t Suck if you’re a Packers...

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Sep 5, 2012

88 Sexiest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Facebook Photos of 2012… So Far

Judging from their amazing calendar shoot and various Facebook “pictures of the day” it’s safe to say that the Dallas...

May 22, 2012

A Look At Katie Price Through The Years [71 PHOTOS]

Those of our readers who’ve graduated from the Bald Eagle Scouts might be old enough to remember Katie Price (aka...

Dec 7, 2011

University of Bristol’s Naked Netball Calendar 2012 Is Now Available [PHOTOS]

Previously, we'd shown you the Women of Oregon State bikini calendar. It was hot and for a good cause, but the University of Bristol's "netball" team just one upped the sh*t out of 'em with a "naked" calendar that features the squad topless. Lose the tops, cop more cream I always say. Where's Bristol and what the filk is netball? Bristol's in the UK (Simon Pegg graduated from there) and netball's like basketball without a backboard. Now, if only the WNBA could play without backboards and without tops, then we'd tune in. Check out the best unis in the world after the jump.

Nov 8, 2011

Oregon State’s Beautiful Beavers Calendar Makes Us Say Hot Dam! [64 PHOTOS]

We received a tip from one of the masterminds behind the Women of OSU Calendar alerting us to the beautiful Beavers featured within its pages. This is the "first ever swimsuit calendar featuring 12 of Oregon State University's most beautiful women". While it's definitely healthy to gawk at the gorgeous girls, it's also for a good cause - all profits made by the Women of OSU Calendar will be donated to cancer research charities and I believe they're donating $1 for every "like" on their Facebook page. Who knew your libido could be used for good? Check out pics of the 12 beautiful Beavers after the jump.

Sep 27, 2011

132 Day Photo Calendar Courtesy Of The Appalachian Trail

If you're like me, the biggest issue that I had after graduating from college was figuring out what to do with my time without actually finding a job. One of my frat brΦthers, we'll call him Distlefink, decided that he'd walk the whole Appalachian Trail while the rest of us stayed at home honing our COD skills. Along the way, he decided to keep track of what day it was using his fingers, sticks, leaves, and random strangers. When that didn't work, he would have to refer to how long his beard had grown. Obviously, his female companion wasn't able to use the same trick. Check out his photoblog of all 132 days after the jump.

Nov 30, 2010

The 30 Sexiest Calendars of 2011

For the past couple years, we've given you a sneak peek of the sexiest calendars for the upcoming year (you can find 2009's here and and 2010's here). Talk about inspiration to get organized! We honestly can't imagine how you could've missed an important date recently. The calendars for 2011 are no different with Playboy Playmates, Penthouse Pets, and timeless beauties like Alice Goodwin, Cheryl Cole, Kelly Brook, Lucy Pinder, Rhian Sugden, Sophie Howard, and Vikki Blows making you wish Father Time would chill out and take a break.

Nov 23, 2009

The 50 Sexiest Calendars of 2010 [Photos]

Where the hell did this year go? 2009 blew by faster than Carrie Prejean's reign as Miss California. But rather than wallow in the past, we are looking to the future and judging by 2010's crop of sexy calendars, it's gonna be a hot one. From Lucy Pinder to Vicki Blows, here are the 50 sexiest calendars of 2010 to help you countdown the days in style.

Dec 9, 2008

The Top 26 Ridiculously Hot Calendars of 2009

With Detroit failing, Wall Street falling, houses foreclosing and unemployment rising, 2009 is looking like it’s going to be an...

Nov 30, 2008

Olga Kurylinko, Megan Fox & Katie Perry Cover FHM

In the world of print and internet zines, December is a time for wrap-up lists and things to lookout for...

Sep 24, 2008

Marisa Miller’s 2009 SI Swimsuit Calendar is Today’s Daily Snapshot

It’s a little while still before 2009, but supermodel Marisa Miller is already on top of things with one of...

Jan 14, 2008

WTF Website: Little Pet Project

I’m all about saving dogs and cats…especially when I’m face-to-face with massive taters. Little Pet Project‘s main focus is preventing...