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Nov 8, 2013

Alyssa Moore

She's majoring in Health Information Management at The University of Kansas--and we've never felt healthier!

Oct 30, 2013

L. Shima

L. Shima is a devilishly sexy model currently living all the way down in Sarasota, FL which is why it's perfect that we're featuring her so close to Halloween.

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Nov 27, 2012

Carla Gugino [See Her Tonight on NEW GIRL]

28 pics! We're no newcomers to Carla Gugino. The veteran actress never became a movie star, but we're always thrilled to see her on our small screens. Tonight’s episode is maybe her third appearance on New Girl, and that's right after her stint on the USA Network's Political Animals. We're still not bored with her in our living rooms--and these pics will show why Carla remains so captivating...

Nov 21, 2012

Brittany Curran [See Her Tonight on CRIMINAL MINDS]

21 pics! It's time of another round of Look Who Got Older--with Brittany Curran hitting our living rooms in all of her grown-up glory! The former Disney Channel regular is moving on to adult roles, including tonight's turn on Criminal Minds. She also seems ready to become a Scream Queen. There's nothing scary about these hot pics, though, as Britanny shows off her ever-expanding talents in some very sexy settings...

Nov 18, 2012

Emmanuelle Chriqui [See Her Tonight on THE MENTALIST]

Emmanuelle Chriqui on The Mentalist (10 pm EST, CBS) Tonight’s episode of The Mentalist is called “Red Sails in the...

Nov 16, 2012

Jordana Largy [See Her Tonight on FRINGE]

Jordana Largy on Fringe (9 pm EST, FOX) We’ve gotten a little lost trying to follow the final season of...

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Nov 11, 2012

Christina Ricci [See Her Tonight on THE GOOD WIFE]

21 pics! She's guested on lots of shows and had her own series with Pan Am, so it's not that big a deal when Christina Ricci shows up on the small screen. Tonight's appearance, however, is on The Good Wife--and that show has been throwing in all kinds of crazy sexy stuff to liven up the ratings. Check out these pics and remember why Christina has always been crazy sexy to us...

Melinda Y. Cohen [See Her Tonight on CASTLE]

14 pics! Tonight's episode of Castle has our favorite detective/novelist looking into murder at a sci-fi convention--which will provide lots of in-jokes for star Nathan Fillion. There's also prime geekiness with the casting of Melinda Y. Cohen in a guest role. This writer/producer/actress has some cultish qualities, but these pics prove she's a mainstream beauty...

Nov 5, 2012

Shelby Young [See Her Tonight on CRIMINAL MINDS]

25 pics! Look who's all grown up! It's Shelby Young, the former child actress who may not have been been of legal age when she took her first adult role in 2010's The Social Network. Shelby seems set for an adult turn on tonight's Criminal Minds--and we're hoping some smart producer will discover her for some grown-up stardom. Let's help by showcasing Shelby in a gallery that shows off her very adult assets...

Oct 17, 2012

Necar Zadegan [See Her Tonight on EMILY OWENS, M.D.]

15 pics! The CW is gambling that enough people are tired of politics to skip the debate and tune in to Emily Owens, M.D. We were thinking it would take more than Meryl Streep's daughter in the lead to get us to tune in to an Ally McBeal set in a hospital--but that was before we saw Necar Zadegan set to appear in the series. Check out this gallery , and you'll agree that Necar is way more important than some debate over who's the leader of the free world...

Oct 16, 2012

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Oct 15, 2012

Nikki Limo [See Her Tonight on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER]

13 pics + video!! Everyone's getting married on How I Met Your Mother, but the sitcom still regularly features hot babes. Tonight's gal has some real brains, too. Just check out the comedy stylings of Nikki Limo in her "Lez Be Friends" comedy sketch, along with some serious pics that'll get you ready to ride this Limo anytime...

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Oct 12, 2012

Natalie Martinez [See Her Tonight on CSI: NY]

Natalie Martinez on CSI: NY (9 pm EST, CBS) It’s only a recurring role, but CBS is ready to revive...

Oct 11, 2012

Phoebe Tonkin [See Her Tonight on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES]

Phoebe Tonkin on The Vampire Diaries (8 pm EST, The CW) We’re not sure if Phoebe Tonkin is going to...

Oct 9, 2012

Ava Gaudet [See Her Tonight on PRIVATE PRACTICE]

20 pics! Judging from the ratings, it looks like Private Practice will be lucky to limp all the way through its final season. That's no great loss--especially since Ava Gaudet is just a guest star on tonight's episode. This brunette bombshell prefers the stage, but these pics will show why it's big news whenever Ava is in our living rooms....

Sep 20, 2012

Kinga Philipps [See Her Tonight on SCANDAL]

28 pics + video! We aren't really fans of Scandal and its plots about political fixers helping out the rich and corrupt. We like the show's taste in newswomen, though. Tonight's episode has Kinga Philipps as a morning news anchor who'd definitely get us up early in the morning. The real-life Kinga is both a reporter and an actress, and we've got plenty of hot pics from both of her jobs--along with Kinga reporting from a nude beach....

Aug 26, 2012

Meghan Ory [See Her Tonight on ONCE UPON A TIME]

21 pics! You know an anagram for Meghan Ory? Mega Horny! And that's just how we get whenever this gal shows up on the big or small screen. She's on TV tonight with a rerun of Once Upon A Time, and becomes a regular on the show in the new season. Now check out these pics that are way hotter than we are at making anagrams...

Aug 21, 2012

Haley Webb [See Her Tonight on MAJOR CRIMES]

21 pics! It'd be a major crime to miss Major Crimes tonight—and not just because the spin-off to The Closer is pretty fun even without Kyra Sedgwick. Tonight's episode also has a guest turn from Haley Webb, who we haven't seen enough of since her turn as the (nearly) Final Girl in 2009's The Final Destination. Check out these uniquely sexy pics to appreciate this uniquely talented gal...

Aug 12, 2012

Jessica Clark [See Her Tonight on TRUE BLOOD]

21 pics! It's hard to keep track of all the hot-blooded babes of True Blood, and tonight's episode is only Jessica Clark's fourth appearance as the vampiric vixen Lilith. She still hasn't wasted any time becoming a real name. It helps that she's a lovely Indian/Nigerian model who's also openly gay. She'll be a lovely lesbian in the upcoming feature A Perfect Ending, but you can start enjoying her lovely looks now...

Aug 9, 2012

Sophie Winkleman [See Her Tonight On TWO AND A HALF MEN]

18 pics! Two and a Half Men didn't get the hype it wanted this year, but it deserves some credit for adding Sophie Winkleman into the cast. Too bad it was a bigger deal in England than in America. Sophie's a big deal there as the comedic actress who married into royalty. Royal ladies don't do much sexy posing, but we've mixed some fine photos with video stills of Sophie showing off her royal bod! Check out this gallery that'll get you bowing to some real beauty...

Jul 17, 2012

Nadine Velazquez [See Her Tonight on HART OF DIXIE]

30 pics! Hart of Dixie hasn't exactly been Must-See TV--but we won't miss the reruns now that we know Nadine Veszquez is spicing up the show. She's shown up in about six episodes, playing the receptionist of a Yankee doctor who finds herself a fish out of water when...actually, none of that is important. What's important is that Nadine shows off her usual acting skills--and we've got 30 pics of her talented bod that'll grab the heart of your Dixie!

Jul 16, 2012

Christian Serratos [See Her Tonight on THE SECRET LIFE OF AN AMERICAN TEENAGER]

Christian Serratos guests on The Secret Life of an American Teenager (8 pm EST, ABC Family) You don’t have to...

Jul 6, 2012

Shiva Negar [See Her Tonight on MY BABYSITTER’S A VAMPIRE]

28 pics! On tonight's episode of the Disney Channel's My Babysitter's A Vampire, merry hijinks ensue as an ancient Mayan queen is accidentally summoned, and oh my god it's Shiva Negar! That, COED readers, is why you can't just skim past the Disney Channel all the time. This exotic beauty has been getting guys Shiva-ring all over Toronto and Los Angeles. Now you can tune in tonight to get in on the buzz--but first start buzzing over these amazing pics...

Jun 4, 2012

Anna Silk [See Her Tonight on LOST GIRL]

21 pics! Tonight on Lost Girl, Bo goes undercover in a strip joint! That's pretty important, since bisexual Bo is a sexy succubus played by the amazing Anna Silk. She's the reason that this supernatural Canadian series became one of the planet's most illegally-downloaded shows. Fortunately, Anna's knack for bold roles is matched by her willing to pose for wild photo shoots. Check out these pics that will get you heading to the True North!

Jun 4, 2012

Olivia Culpo is the New Miss USA–So, You Know, Happy Monday! [PHOTOS]

14 pics! Some people chose a new Miss USA last night. They got it right, too. Just take a look at Olivia Culpo. She made Rhode Island proud as an incredible local specimen, and now she'll be representing America in the Miss Universe pageant. We've never felt more comfortable in our natural superiority. Check out these pics, and you'll be getting comfortable yourself...

May 29, 2012

Naomi Matsuda [See Her Tonight on NEW GIRL]

14 pics + video! It's the rerun season, which means we're ready for Naomi Matsuda on tonight's repeat of New Girl. This amazing Asian beauty surprised us the first time she showed up in tonight's episode. We recognized her, though--and we've got plenty of hot pics (and video of her acting reel) to show why Naomi is a big star to us!

May 27, 2012

Alison Brie [See Her Tonight on MAD MEN]

28 pics! Fans of Community are worried about their favorite sitcom, but star Alison Brie has a back-up plan with Mad Men. Tonight continues her return to the show after a long stint away. She's sexy as ever in her role as the wife of account exec Pete Campbell, but we've got a mad gallery of Alison looking even sexier. Check out these pics for a breezy Sunday full of hot Brie!

May 23, 2012

Pei Pei Lin [See Her Tonight on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT]

15 pics! It's a special season finale on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit because--well, it has Pei Pei Lin. She's one of our favorite NYC actresses, and not just because she's beautiful. Pei Pei is also a brilliant babe and a genuine nerd. Tonight is America's first chance to check out the luscious Ms. Lin, but check out our gallery to get started on the new Linsanity!

May 14, 2012

Taylor Cole [See Her Tonight on HAWAII FIVE-0]

Tonight's season finale of Hawaii Five-0 reportedly features the death of a regular character. We'll take comfort in Taylor Cole showing up as a guest star. This beautiful brunette first caught our eye as the best thing in the final season of Heroes. Sadly, CSI: Miami just got canceled, so there goes her recurring role on that show. Don't miss a chance to see Taylor tonight--and to check out these pics of her now!

Apr 30, 2012

Tiffany Dupont [See Her Tonight on CASTLE]

You know what gets us watching a show? Beautiful women and zombies. Consider tonight's episode of Castle, as the author-turned-homicide-detective investigates a corpse that has him "exploring New York City's zombie subculture." We'd be exploring that, too, if we'd dig up a gal like guest star Tiffany Dupont. It's great to see her in a rare hipster role, and you'll like seeing her in these hot pics--along with her charming turn in the video for DJ Lubel's "Masturbate for Life!"

Apr 17, 2012

Jeanne Tripplehorn on NEW GIRL

Jeanne Tripplehorn was a new girl when she made her big-screen debut as a kinky police psychologist in Basic Instinct. Now she's guesting on tonight's episode of New Girl. The former starlet went on to raves as Tom Cruise's wife in The Firm, but her momentum washed away with the (perceived) box-office failure of Waterworld. We've still kept tripping to Jeanne as she's stolen scenes in indie films--including a limousine lesbian session with Salma Hayek in 2000's Timecode.

Jan 13, 2012

What Ever Happened to “Not Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend” Erin Drewes [20 PHOTOS]

Remember the girl who everyone thought was Tim Tebow’s girlfriend way back in the year 2007? The internet ran rampant...

Nov 22, 2011

Ashton Zuelly

Ashton is a 22 year old girl from Tell City, Indiana. She moved to Evansville, though, to study at the University of Southern Indiana where she's a senior majoring in studio art. Her talents in front of the lens are only matched by her skills behind it; she wants to be a photographer when she graduates. To pay the bills, she works at a Show Me's restaurant where she bartends. The restaurant actually flew her out to Jamaica twice in the past two years for calendar shoots, a copy of which you can pick up here. Check out Ashton's pics and stats after the jump!

Nov 4, 2011

Margaret Hummer

While we're all here freezing off our respective buns, I'm looking at these Tempe12 girls chilling in bikinis and just going nuts. Margaret is one of the new girls from the Tempe12 class of 2011 and she's a real treat. I'm guessing that she volunteers at a center for the blind because she describes herself as being heard before seen. Originally from Cleveland, this girl was voted as the biggest drama queen in her high school class. This is one diva I think I could put up with. Check out pictures and a video of the Hummer that drives guys crazy after the jump.

Nov 3, 2011

Alexis Burke

Alexis is a 21 year old model living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama who's got to be one of the finest 'fitness models' I've seen in my illustrious career of staring at lovely ladies. Alexis has been featured on Best D*mn Models, and SIC Fightwear as well as having finished 1st in the 2010 Omaha Showdown Bikini Short Class and 1st Place Bikini (no surprise) in the 2011 NPC Muscle Mayhem. While there's no way I would let this chick dominate me in the weight room, I sure as hell would change my mind if we made it to the bedroom. Wishful thinking, right? Check out this tight chick's pics and stats after the jump!

Oct 31, 2011

‘The Megan Fox of Hollywood North’ Veronika London Lights Up Maxim Canada [10 PHOTOS]

Former Miss COED, Veronika London, appears in the November issue of Maxim’s Canadian edition. “The Megan Fox of Hollywood North”...

Sep 26, 2011

Victoria Vertuga

Victoria Vertuga is a 25 year old model/actress living in Los Angeles. She's in the comedic web series Spirits Unlimited (which hasn't been released yet) as well as in commercials for Gap, California Girls Skateboards, Night Trip, and (our favorite) OnlineBootyCall. She also as an insane collection of lingerie and admits to getting it on at the haunted mansion ride at Disneyland. You can be sure that security camera footage was taken home for further review. Check out her pics and stats after the jump!

Sep 13, 2011

Who Should Be Miss COED September 2011? [POLL]

We recently crowned Dylan Fitzpatrick as our Miss COED August 2011. Now, we've got 5 feverishly hot Miss COEDs from August competing for the title of Miss COED September 2011: the world's sexiest Dallas Mavs fan Heather O, the light of our lives Sol Reyes, Tempe12 temptresses Emily Schneider and Lauren Miranda, and the luxuriously elegant Mercedez Lee. Check out their stats and pics after the jump then vote for the hottie who should take home the crown at the bottom of the post.

Aug 25, 2011

Lauren Miranda

Jesus, Lauren Miranda is hot. I know that we've posted a bunch of girls from Tempe12 already so I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm honestly like a goldfish in a fishbowl - every week I'm impressed. Somehow, this girl is maintaining not only a perfect 10 body, but a 3.7 GPA while double majoring in Communications/Political Science. I'm sure the Yoga she practices has something to do with it, hot girls think that sh*t fixes everything. If you're jonesing and in need of a fix, Lauren hits the spot. Check out here stats and pics after the jump.

Sep 26, 2010

Cake and Icing [PICS]

Fat kids aren't the only people who love cake. Looking at these scrumptious vixens play with cake is enough give any healthy guy a cupcake fetish. Check out these tasty babes getting their sweet tooth satisfied.

Sep 25, 2010

Reflections of Hotness [PICS]

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the easiest chick in this gallery. That’s the question on the mind every red blooded man (and any other color blooded man) whose seen this gallery. These girls already know they look hot, they’re just in front of mirrors to give us a better angle at why.

Jul 8, 2010

Megan Fowler

Megan's an aspiring model who loves outdoor sports and has no problem getting dirty. She doesn't do nudity but her tattoo reads, "The body was meant to be seen, not all covered up." Maybe she'll live up to that credo one day.

Jun 22, 2010

Emily Skye Anderson

This stunning beauty has thoroughly enjoyed modeling for a number of years now. She loves the idea of traveling the world while posing in front of the camera. Do yourself a favor and take the time to stare into her beautiful eyes.

Jun 6, 2010

Destiny Monique

Destiny Monique is from Houston Texas but has been the cause of a recent heat wave in Los Angeles. She’s not only gorgeous but tough as well. Before she began her modeling/ acting career she was an explosive member of of the U.S. Marine Corp. That’s right, not only is she great at show her ASSets of, she can kick yours.

May 30, 2010

Louise Cliffe

This bombshell comes to us all the way from the U.K. Louise was raised with a close family just outside of Manchester, but she’s all grown up. This former athlete’s modeling career took off when she was titled miss Manchester. And now she’s Miss COED. Check out her "credentials" (or whatever you want to call them).

May 12, 2010

Dania Estrada

Dania is a certified go-getter who's been modeling for three years. Shes a creative thinker with a ridiculous body who doesn't mind seeing her ideas through no matter how crazy they may seem to you. Her pleasant attitude makes her easy to work with. Not that she isn't already easy on the eyes. Check out these hot photos of this spicy latina.

Sep 9, 2009

60 Blue-Eyed, Black-Haired Beauties

Beauty is a mysterious thing. What one person sees as attractive, another person sees as hideous. (Or something like that...) But one set of traits that few people can deny is the ultra-sexy dark hair and light eyes combo. Something in our monkey brains scream with lust when presented with a woman possessing these traits. So move over blond hair and blue eyes, there's a new hottie in town.

Aug 18, 2009

27 Playboy Playmates Who Twitter

These days, pretty much everyone is on Twitter. But most of the time, all you get is the occasional funny link and a whole lot of "I'm eating lunch!" So instead of the same ol' nonsense, spice up your Twitter feed with some of the hottest women around: Playboy Playmates. Sure, they're probably just as boring as the rest of us, but at least you stand a good chance at seeing a TwitPic of their boobs!

Jun 9, 2008

Miss COED: Ana Ivanovic

Twenty-year-old Ana Ivanović of Serbia is a professional tennis player that recently won the French Open. She is the current...

Jun 5, 2008

Miss COED: Jennie Corner

Twenty year-old Jennie Corner was the youngest contestant to ever enter the Big Brother UK house in 2006 at the...

Jun 4, 2008

Alessia Ventura is Today’s Daily Snapshot

As Double Viking’s International Babe of the Day says, “Alessia Ventura is arguably Italy’s sexiest TV presenter. Alessia Ventura is...

Jun 4, 2008

Introducing Kanye West’s New Girlfriend

Kanye West is living the good life as he is reported to be dating 25-year-old bikini babe, Selita Ebanks. We...

May 27, 2008

Miss COED: Grace Park

Grace Park is a Canadian-American actress best known for her role in the television series Battlestar Galactica. Check out Grace ...

Jan 11, 2008

Vincent Chase Holds Nothing Back

You might know Adrian Grenier as the slightly smug, slightly self-centered, but always adorable Vince from HBO’s hit Entourage. Although...