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Nov 15, 2013

Katie Hall

Katie is a sexy bikini model who also doubles as personal trainer and fitness coach down in Florida.

Nov 11, 2013

Tereska Jelinkova

Tereska is an absolutely gorgeous 25-year-old model originally hailing from Prague.

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Oct 30, 2013

Lane Lindell Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Lane is a gorgeous American model who should be on your radar. She’s a former Miss World United States 2008,...

Oct 29, 2013

Tiffany Toth

Tiffany is a gorgeous and well-known model currently living in Los Angeles, California.

Oct 23, 2013

Jessie Larson

Jessie is a gorgeous 20-year-old blonde model and student living in Orange County, California

Jul 22, 2013

Janna Jewett

Janna is a 24-year-old blonde model living out in Palm Desert, CA.

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Nov 9, 2012

Katie Walder [See Her Tonight on GRIMM]

12 pics + video! Grimm gives us another bedtime story with tonight's episode, as Katie Walder stops by to be tonight's fantasy girl. This striking blonde has been livening up our living rooms since we first saw her in a recurring role on Gilmore Girls. (She was Rory's jock roommate.) It's been difficult to keep up with Katie's busy career, but these pics prove she's still a fairytale come true...

Alexa Havins [See Her Tonight on CASTLE]

18 pics! Tonight's episode of Castle is called "Probable Cause," but we're definitely tuning in 'cause of Alexa Havins. It's yet another guest role where the former soap star proves that she's ready for primetime. Sadly, Alexa has a firm stance against nudity, so maybe it's no big loss that she hasn't broken through to the big screen. We still have a gallery of hot images that show why Alexa is a big deal to us..

Oct 29, 2012

Kara and Katelyn Pacitto [See Her Tonight on SUBURGATORY]

11 pics! Wow, "See Her Tonight" has never had twins before! That's partly because the networks have been neglectful in casting shows with hot pairs of identical siblings. Suburgatory is kind of mired in the ratings, though, so maybe that's why we're seeing more of Kara and Katelyn Pacitto on the show. Check out these pics that prove why Suburgatory is Heaven whenever they're on the scene...

Oct 24, 2012

Lindsey Sporrer [See Her Tonight on VEGAS]

41 pics + video! The smart money is on Vegas getting canceled soon, so don't miss your chance to see Lindsey Sporrer showing off as a showgirl tonight. Lindsey still has plenty of jobs lined up as her busy career gets going. Get to know her now with a gorgeous gallery--plus a casino commercial that's a sure thing!

Oct 23, 2012

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Oct 21, 2012

Emilia Fox [See Her Tonight on UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS]

Emilia Fox guests on Upstairs Downstairs (9 pm EST, PBS) It doesn’t have the following of Downton Abbey, but the...

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Oct 19, 2012

Katriina Isberg [See Her Tonight on HAVEN]

14 pics + video! We haven't really been following Haven on the Syfy Channel. We're not even sure what the significance is of Katriina Isberg showing up tonight as "Lady Justice." We just know this role caps the Canadian babe's busy first year as a working actress--and we've got a gallery that shows off why it's no surprise that Katriina is making it big...

Oct 3, 2012

Trisity Cameron [See Her Tonight on THE NEIGHBORS]

Trisity Cameron guests on The Neighbors (8:30 pm EST, ABC) The extraterrestrial sitcom The Neighbors got off to a solid...

Sep 30, 2012

Madison McKinley [See Her Tonight on THE GOOD WIFE]

21 pics! It's been a good September for Madison McKinley. There were lots of pics last week of her with Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of the upcoming The Wolf of Wall Street. Now she shows up on The Good Wife tonight, with another guest appearance next month on Law & Order: SVU. It's a long way from her reality-show breakthrough--and this gallery shows off more of her real beauty....

Sep 19, 2012

Tammy Jean [See Her Tonight on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT]

Tammy Jean on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (9 pm EST, NBC) The new Fall season is gearing up,...

Sep 10, 2012

Annie Baria [See Her Tonight on 2 BROKE GIRLS]

Anna Baria on 2 Broke Girls (9 pm EST, CBS) We’re not big fans of 2 Broke Girls, but the...

Sep 6, 2012

Jaime Pressly [See Her Tonight on RAISING HOPE]

Jaime Pressly on Raising Hope (8 pm EST, FOX) You know who had a bad time last weekend? Jaime Pressly....

Sep 5, 2012

Kelly Stables [See Her Tonight on THE EXES]

21 pics! You know who's had a very unsexy summer? Kelly Stables. The petite sex symbol spent this season playing a pregnant character on the kitschy The Exes sitcom. That's because Kelly's pregnant in real life--but we're looking back at Kelly's sexier years, with plenty early poses and some hot video stills...

Aug 29, 2012

Blonde Twins Stretch Each Other For Something Called BodBot [VIDEO]

One way to separate yourself from the rest of the online personal trainers and strength coaches is to upload a...

Aug 22, 2012

Susie Abromeit [See Her Tonight on NECESSARY ROUGHNESS]

21 pics! A lot of people should've become stars after appearing in the raucous 2002 sex comedy Sex Drive. That includes Susie Abromeit, who was just breaking into showbiz. At least Susie has been working steadily ever since, including tonight's guest role on Necessary Roughness. Enjoy the many faces of this wild gal as Susie shows off all kinds of talent in this sparkling gallery...

Aug 20, 2012

Tara Holt [See Her Tonight on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER]

35 pics! Tonight's How I Met Your Mother is a very special episode. It's the one where Barney spends the whole show in a strip club. There are a lot of beautiful babes in tonight's rerun, but we're concentrating on the lovely Tara Holt. She's a great comic actress, but these pics will have you taking her very seriously...

Aug 15, 2012

Liz Fuller [See Her Tonight on CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION]

24 pics! If you like beauty, brains, and money, then you can't do much better than Liz Fuller—whose small role on tonight's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation doesn't match her big talents. Of course, this British beauty queen—who took over the Miss Great Britain empire after winning the title in 1996—is just getting started in the States. Check out some pics that'll get you started yourself...

Aug 10, 2012

Beau Garrett [See Her Tonight on CSI: NY]

28 pics! She only showed up on three episodes of CSI: NY, so we catch Beau Garrett in reruns when we can—and we'd treat her better than those irrational cops on the show, too. In fact, we've been buddying up to Beau ever since she showed up as a fresh-faced GUESS! jeans model back in the '90s. She hasn't found her starring role yet, but we've got pics that prove Beau has definite star power...

Aug 9, 2012

Sharon Tate—Late & Great! 100 Photos On The 43rd Anniversary Of Her Death

It was August 9, 1969, when Charles Manson sent a few of his drooling Family members off to kill the...

Aug 7, 2012

Allison McAtee [See Her Tonight on NCIS]

42 pics! We knew there was something special about Allison McAttee the moment we saw her in the 2008 biker film Hell Ride. We didn't know she'd become a lesbian sex symbol with her turn as a college professor in 2010's Bloomington. Now the daring gal plays a superhero named Spandaxia in tonight's NCIS. Allison is clearly giving guys what they want, and we've got pics that'll get you wanting more...

Aug 3, 2012

50 Rarely Seen Marilyn Monroe Photos for the 50th Anniversary of her Death

Marilyn Monroe shocked the nation with her death on August 5, 1962—after she often shocked the nation with her amazing...

Aug 2, 2012

Susan Francia USA Olympic Rowing Team Has A Gold-Medal Bod! [28 PHOTOS]

The USA Olympic Rowing Team has won the gold in the 2012 London Olympics—and it couldn’t have hurt to have...

Jul 26, 2012

Sheena Colette [See Her Tonight on BURN NOTICE]

35 pics! There are a few gals we love who can't seem to break out into major roles, with Sheena Colette at the top of our list. We first noticed this offbeat beauty as a hot FBI agent always showing up in the background on the USA network's White Collar. Now you can catch Sheena as a call girl on Burn Notice, and catch even more of her in some pretty wild pics...

Jul 20, 2012

Helena Mattsson [See Her Tonight on NIKITA]

24 pics + video! It's a special spyday this Friday, as The CW's Nikita has a rerun of Helena Mattsson as seductive operative Cassandra Ovechkin. Helena's only made the Nikita scene three times, but she's made every one of those shows a very special episode. Tune in tonight and you'll be an instant fan of this sexy Swede--but first check out these pics, along with an ogling tribute video made by a real Helena fanatic!

Jul 15, 2012

D’Arcy Fellona [See Her Tonight on POLITICAL ANIMALS]

D’Arcy Fellona on Political Animals (10 pm EST, USA) It’s been a good week for sexy gals from commercials making...

Jun 1, 2012

Willa Ford [See Her Tonight on MAGIC CITY]

21 pics! We haven't been paying much attention to Magic City on STARZ. It mostly seems like Mad Men with mobsters. But now they've got our attention with Willa Ford showing up in a recurring role. We don't care about catching up on the plot. We just want to catch up with Willa, who's had us popping ever since her days as the Bad Girl of Pop--and these pics will show you why...

Jan 9, 2012

Lily Berlina

Lily is a 20 year old business major at the University of Washington. This blonde is originally from Russia but moved to the Northwest nine years ago and has done very well for herself in becoming possibly the hottest weather girl in the history of local news. We've already featured her in our Hottest Huskies article but it's about time that we revisit her and her photos. Check out her photos and stats if you're looking to start your day on Cloud 9.

Dec 14, 2011

Dallas Nicole

Dallas is an 18 year old model living who appears to be living the good life in the Lonestar State....

Dec 7, 2011

Cassandra Rachelle

If there's one thing I love, its a blonde chick who can snowboard and 21 year old Cassandra from San Diego fits that bill totally. This model is a full-time student at San Diego State University, where she's a senior. When she's not getting it in with the learning or the slopes, Cassandra pays the bills by working at the Rancho Bernardo Hooters. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have these kinds of girls walking around my college campus, that must be unreal. Check out her pics and stats after the jump!

Dec 5, 2011

Jessica Ashlee

Jessica is a 21 year old model originally from California. This fly chick joined the Air Force when she was 17, got stationed in Omaha, and started modeling soon after. She's done a lot of photoshoots with the mysteriously named "Mr. B," and enjoys shooting implied nudes the best. "I just think it is so sexy to know that the girl in the picture is naked but you can't see anything!" We couldn't agree more, Jessica. Make sure to like her FB fan page and then check out her hottest photos and stats after the jump!

Nov 25, 2011

Stella Marie

Stella is a 23-year-old model from Chandler, AZ. She started modeling at the young age of 18 and has continued her pursuits because she really loves it. If Stella looks somewhat exotic to you, that's because she's part Spanish, German, and Mexican. I'm totally basing this on stereotypes, but that's why it's easy to see she has a nice butt, piercing eyes, and a tight body. She's a competitive person who loves to dance, rock climb, hike, and play tennis. Stella comes to us via PinkCouchMedia, and if you peep the video at the bottom you'll see she's got all the right moves. Check out her pics and stats after the jump!

Nov 24, 2011

Erin Burt

You should be thankful that schools like ASU exist and that companies like Tempe12 realize the incredible talent that goes in and out of that institution each year. Erin is one of the girls from this year's calendar (which you can pick up here) and majors in Psychology. If you live in the paradise that is Scottsdale, you can catch Erin at one of the many parties she attends or guest bartends at. Seriously, with all the modeling, partying, and suntanning how the hell does a girl like Erin maintain a 3.5 GPA? I think I need a closer study. In the meantime, check out her pics and stats after the jump!

Nov 9, 2011

Rachelle Ryerson

Rachelle's a model currently living in Sin City, Nevada who got her start in the biz as a TeaseUm bikini model, a gig that most models would have to build up to. Since then, she's been featured as a calendar girl for Super Model Sundae and has been interviewed on NutekSpeed, 93.X Rocks, and BikiniDeals. As a vegetarian, Rachelle loves to stay healthy - something I think we can all appreciate. Her favorite part of her banging body is her legs, which she uses to strut her stuff down the Vegas Strip. Check out this leggy blonde's pics and stats after the jump.

Nov 8, 2011

Barbara Zatler

We've had a few international Miss COEDs before, but Barbara is our first from Copenhagen. She's been featured in a bunch of famous print magazines such as FHM, GQ, Maxim, Hombre, and was even Miss September 2009 for Playboy Slovenia (NSFW). Since being in Playboy, Barbara booked more than a few radio shows and was actually named 2010's Funniest Bunny for a stand-up comedy routine (which I can't find anywhere). In that same year, Barbara was nominated as one of ten remarkable people in Euroman, Denmark's biggest life-style magazine. Since you missed her birthday yesterday, you can apologize to her by liking her Facebook page. Also make sure to check out her pics and stats after the jump.

Oct 27, 2011

Haley Rowe

Haley's a junior at the University of Arizona who's a Tucson12 model that's originally from San Diego. Haley girl traded the beach sun for desert fun (and a degree in marketing, of course) and it seems to have worked out pretty well for her. She's a Pi Beta Phi with a bunch of other totally hot ladies (there's a pic from her sorority page, sorry for stalking) and she's got a 3.0 to boot. Looking at her and then looking back on the homecoming I just came back from, I can say with absolute certainty I should have gone to another school. Thanks, Haley, for making me regret what I thought were the best five years of my life. Check out her pics, stats, and bonus video after the jump.

Oct 20, 2011

Lindsay Ellingson Isn’t A Secret Anymore [14 PHOTOS]

We might not have included Lindsay Ellingson in our Emerging Hotties of 2012, but we totally called that this chick would blow up. The best part? We didn't even have to wait that long to see that we were right. Yup, some new photos that Lindsay took for Victoria's Secret have just been released. While we've come to expect blazing hot photo shoots from the lingerie company that employs the earth's hottest women, that doesn't mean we're gonna stop pushing 'em into eyeballs. Question is, where does Lindsay rank amongst hottest VS models? Let us know in the comments after the jump.

Oct 18, 2011

Dani Mathers

Dani's a really hot 24 year-old Cali model/actress who's made numerous appearances on Playboy TV. In fact, she recently gave a shout out to COED for being one of her favorite websites. While we've embedded that video below, you might be more interested in watching Dani go to Patagonia, Argentina where she does crazy @ss sh*t in the buff. You can watch the 'Best of Season 1' of the Playboy Trip for free here, but the rest you'll have to throw down dough for. Recently, Dani got a lot of press during the Hef vs. Crystal Harris battle when she came to the rescue of America's Favorite Playboy. A wild, adventurous, smoking hot girl who's unafraid to defend her man? Yeah, that sounds like a no-brainer to me, too. Check out her video, pictures, and stats after the jump.

Oct 17, 2011

Victoria Gardner

Victoria's a 25-year-old model from Chicago who's studied at Northeastern Illinois University. She's been involved in the modeling world since the age of 8. With some of the sexiest lips I've ever seen, this should come as no surprise. While she was originally a freelance model, Victoria now is the President/CEO of her own modeling agency: STATUS Models. She uses that status and influence to help end animal cruelty. I'll personally support Victoria's puppies for as long as needed. Check out her stats and pics after the jump.

Oct 5, 2011

Whitney Star

Whitney's a 24-year-old singer, model, and natural blonde from Philadelphia. We love this chick because she's a total triple threat: not only is she drop dead sexy, but she'll design you a killer website (she's a web developer) and then get you smashed to celebrate all the hard work you didn't do (she's also a bartender). Not only has she been featured in fIXe Magazine, Bella Morte, and Planet Pretty Girl, but she's been singing professionally since she was 14. She tells us that she's a huge animal lover and might have a serious addiction to sex - may we suggest...doggy style? Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

Oct 3, 2011

Miss COED September 2011 Is…

In mid-September we asked you guys to vote for Miss COED September 2011. Your finalists were Heather O, Sol Reyes, Emily Schneider, Lauren Miranda, and Mercedez Lee. While we've had some landslides in the past, this one blows all other blowouts out of the water. The winner garnered more than 70% of the vote and is now automatically entered into our Miss COED of the Year competition, which currently has 8 other contestants – Dylan Fitzpatrick, Corissa Furr, Elizabeth Marxs, Leanna Decker, Ysania Agurcia, Lara Leverence, Heather Jo Hughes, and Kari Nautique. So, who is the mystery champion? Find out after the jump.

Sep 29, 2011

Nicolette Knadler

This Tempe12 model is the kind of nurse you dream of having when you're in the hospital. Granted Nicolette is still studying Nursing at ASU, but I'm pretty sure every hospital in the world is going to want her wearing their scrubs. Even though she's lived in Arizona her whole life, she's somehow been a lifelong Steelers fan. She has a deep-seated fear of jean shorts, which is ironic, because Pittsburgh Prince, Ben Roethlisberger is the poster boy for jorts. Maybe she had a bad DTF experience with #7? Check out her stats and pics after the jump.

Sep 27, 2011

Adriana Rossi

Adriana's a 24-year-old model from Manchester, New Hampshire who's been featured on, Bella Morte Magazine, and Kaboom Magazine. This rocker girl is also the "hottest purchasing agent in the country" as decided by us. She's currently in the running for Paradise Bash Party Cruise Model Search and for Miss Uproar 2011. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

Sep 14, 2011

Miss COED: Brooke Rachman [12 PHOTOS]

From the dudes behind Tempe12 comes Tucson12: proof again that Arizona brings the heat. Brooke is a sophomore at the University of Arizona and apparently lives in an ex-Fraternity with nine of her friends. It's a house rule that they all have naked pillow fights before going to sleep (I just report what I hear). She might be AZ now, but Brooke is originally from SoCal and is the proud owner of season tickets to the Lakers. She claims she attended the U of A because of the campus, but my money's on the fact that she wanted to show ASU that Tucson can get down as well. Check out more pictures of Brooke after the jump!

Sep 13, 2011

Who Should Be Miss COED September 2011? [POLL]

We recently crowned Dylan Fitzpatrick as our Miss COED August 2011. Now, we've got 5 feverishly hot Miss COEDs from August competing for the title of Miss COED September 2011: the world's sexiest Dallas Mavs fan Heather O, the light of our lives Sol Reyes, Tempe12 temptresses Emily Schneider and Lauren Miranda, and the luxuriously elegant Mercedez Lee. Check out their stats and pics after the jump then vote for the hottie who should take home the crown at the bottom of the post.

Sep 13, 2011

Pamela Jean Noble

Pamela Jean Noble is 23-year-old model/actress from Fontana, CA who's been featured in MMA Worldwide and Virile Magazine, done print work for No Fear, Sullen, and Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine, was the lead actress for the feature film Resurrection Mary and is featured regularly on FuelTV's Daily Habit TV Show. She also posed for Surf Illustrated in January 2009 and was the first non tattooed Actress / Model to be put in Tattoo Magazine. Like the Jackie Robinson of gettin' ink done. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

Sep 9, 2011

Kayla Lyons

Kayla Lyons is a blonde originally hailing from Palm Springs, CA. She's since traded the West Coast for the Best Coast and now goes to the University of Maryland. It should come as no surprise that this Cali-bred blonde was featured as O'Neill's Girl of the Month. She's a rising model who not only has her own online portfolio, but has also compiled a boat-load of other modeling photos on her tumblr. Apparently, she's got an upcoming shoot with Ca Va Magazine - which I think is a monthly publication aimed at teaching intermediate French. I might have paid a little more attention in class if we had more chicks like this to study. Check out her stats and pics after the jump.

Sep 6, 2011

Karin Noelle

You'd think a hottie like Karin Noelle would be too busy crushing abs at the gym and/or posing in front of a mirror to play any sports. Wrong again, buddy. Now that Labor Day Weekend is over, Karin won't stop tweeting about her upcoming snow-boarding trip to Killington. It's a shame that the former Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week (December 13, 2010) and Miss Howard Stern TV (August 2010) is going to be covered up, but for now we'll gawk at the current Ms. Motorsports 2011 in her skimpier attire. Make sure to check out her schedule of appearances here and peep her pics and stats after the jump.

Aug 29, 2011

Stephanie Mendelin

Meet Stephanie Mendelin, another reason to pack your bags and move up north. She studies education at Sheridan College, and spends as much time in front of the lens as possible. Like any stereotypical Canadian, Stephanie enjoys hockey and shows you just how good a Maple Leafs jersey can look in The Fourth Period. If you were to possibly score a date with her and can't get some hockey seats, spring for some movie tickets instead - it seems like she's a big Will Ferrell fan. Check out her stats and pics after the jump. GOULET!

Aug 24, 2011

Brooke Becker

Brooke Becker takes the whole 'sexy girl from Dallas' to the next strastosphere. A living testament to things really being bigger in Texas, Brooke works as a model, singer (check out her songs on her Myspace page), and actress. This year, she was named as Playboy's Miss Golf Dallas. It's not all work and no play for this girl though, she visits Vegas and California at least once every three months. When she's back home in Dallas, she unwinds by racing motocross - during which she has to wear no less than 3 sports bras. When it comes to racing bikes, she knows it's all about the suspension. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

Aug 22, 2011

Nikki Nyers

If you needed more of a reason to visit the golf heaven that is Hilton Head, SC let me introduce you to Nikki Nyers. The former Playboy Miss Social Semi-finalist was auctioned off (voluntarily) to act as a caddy in the Dagnan Golf Tournament last weekend. While she might enjoy a round or two, to really impress this girl you've gotta take her to Vegas where she spends as much time as possible. In her interview with MachoRhino, she claims she likes to hit on guys instead of letting them hit on her. Pre-emptive striker? We could get behind that... literally! Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

Aug 17, 2011

Mercedez Lee

Mercedez Lee is a 21-year-old student at the Ohio State University where she majors in Comparative Cultural Studies. Keep in mind that this bombshell wears sexy lingerie even when she knows no one can see it - for example in the library when she's cramming. Sounds like reason enough to be in her study group. She's been featured in Stunner Baby Mag and is in the running for Playboy's Miss Social for August 2011. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

Aug 2, 2011

Jessica Daniels

Jessica's a 25-year-old model from Buffalo who was a Hawaiian Tropic Model and a Buffalo Bills Cheerleader (Buffalo Jills) for the 2006-2008 seasons. She was also a semi-finalist in Maxim's Hometown Hotties competition and was featured in STARE magazine's March 2011 issue. It seems that she's a pretty athletic chick because she enjoys kickboxing, skydiving, and working out - so I think it's safe to say that she's glad Ralph Wilson Stadium will be open again for some football. I wonder what she drank in celebration. Perhaps some Jack... Daniels? Kudos to Greg Woodson for hooking us up with these never-before-seen photos of her. Check 'em out after the jump.

Jul 26, 2011

A Whole Lotta Zlata: The World’s Most Flexible Woman [104 PHOTOS]

Meet Zlata the Goddess of Flexibility. She's a contortionist who's into candle wax and shaved bodies. She can bend in ways that will amaze, astonish, and arouse. Think it's gnarly some chick you duffed can put a foot over her head? Yeah, I'm pretty sure this girl can go down on herself. For that reason and a million others, you probably "aren't ready for her jelly" to quote Jay-Z's wifey. So, why not stretch out then check out her 104 sexiest photos after the jump? Don't hurt yourself.

Apr 2, 2011

Texas Rangers Smokeshow Amber Leigh Hartman Featured By BarstoolSports

Last fall we posted a still frame of a group of hot girls sitting behind home plate during the ALCS game between the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees. One of the girls, Amber Leigh Hartman, saw our post and quickly identified herself as one of the smokeshows. I was on BarstoolSports today (typical) and saw a picture El Pres posted of a pretty familiar face. The girl in the story on Barstool looked very similar to Amber so I took a pic (of the picture), sent it over to Amber and got confirmation. She is starting to blow up again so let's feature her pictures again!

Nov 24, 2010

The Many Looks of Christina Aguilera

In honor of Christina Aguilera's new movie, Burlesque, COED decided to explore the many looks and styles of pop music's ultimate diva. Throughout each major stage of her career, Christina has changed her appearance. Some days she's "Dirrty" and other days she's glitzy in glitter. It doesn't really matter what she's wearing though -- X-Tina always looks hot. Here are some of her most infamous looks and outfits.

Nov 13, 2010

Sexy Swedish Party Girls [PICS]

Like Obama, we are quite fond of the 'Swedish Model'. Sweden - that magical land of meatballs, IKEA, reindeer and 6-foot-tall blonds. Just the word "Swedish" brings to mind fair-haired honeys gallivanting around in the snow in blue and yellow bikinis, throwing snowballs and making out - at least it does for us. And then we came across these Swedish girl party pictures, which further confirmed our everyone's theory that Sweden is one of the sexiest countries on the planet. There's so much Nordic booty here, it's like a Viking ship after a good pillaging. Enjoy!

Oct 19, 2010

Amber Leigh Hartman Talks With COED [100 PICS)

She originally caught our eye during Saturday's ALCS game between the Rangers and Yankees. We apparently caught HER eye because she messaged us on Twitter stating she was a "good luck charm." Seeing as the Rangers are up 2-1, we're not arguing. Since then we posted a gallery of pics from her Facebook profile, which caused Sports Illustrated to stand up and take notice. Before she gets "too famous" for us, we thought we'd get to know the 23 year old die-hard Rangers and Cowboys fan a little more.

Oct 19, 2010

Texas Rangers Smokeshow Identified: Amber Leigh Hartman [PICS]

We posted a still frame of a group of hot girls sitting behind home plate at Saturday's ALCS game between the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees. One of the girls, Amber Leigh Hartman, saw our post and quickly identified herself as one of the smokeshows. So, it's only appropriate we feature her in all her beautiful blonde glory.

Oct 4, 2010

Miss COED: Jennifer Vaughn

This Italian, Czech, and Spanish model was born and raised in Texas. She's been featured in U.S. and international issues of Maxim and Playboy, and she's slated to be Playboy's Cyber Girl for November 2010.

Sep 26, 2010

Cake and Icing [PICS]

Fat kids aren't the only people who love cake. Looking at these scrumptious vixens play with cake is enough give any healthy guy a cupcake fetish. Check out these tasty babes getting their sweet tooth satisfied.

Jul 23, 2010

Ali Heighway

This bombshell hails all the way from New South Wales. Still new to modeling, Ali looks forward to a long career of making guys gush over her. Not that way….er….right? Try to hold in the joy, and check out some photos from her first shoot. And here’s a few more for the hell of it.

Jun 25, 2010

Playboy’s Voluptuous Vixen Corinne Morrill Gets Dirty With COED (42 PICS)

Corinne Morrill is a 21-year-old model from Vancouver, Washington now living in Los Angeles. She's appeared on's "Fresh Faces" and has modeled for Kelsie Edison, Upheaval, Carl Evans,, and Robert Johnson. She likes to ride (bulls, horses, shotgun in NASCAR cars) and dance. If you ever take her on a date, you might want to lose all forms of communication and technology. Trust me. Without further ado, here's Corinne!

Jun 18, 2010

Natalia Ramirez

The only thing hotter than the sun, in Arizona, is Natalia Ramirez. This French/ Mexican cutie works hard to keep up those ridiculous abs but prefers being in front of the camera. She somewhat of a perfectionist in regards to her career, and I'm grateful for all the hard work. Check out these sexy shots from her portfolio.

Mar 15, 2010

Brooke Banx

This blonde bombshell is blazing trails across the internet. Lately this sexy blue eyed angel has been popping up in magazines left and right. Its hard to believe Brooke began her modeling career a mere three years ago after a talent scout hired her on the spot.

Nov 23, 2009

Kayden Kross is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Naughty blond super hottie, Kayden Kross got her start in the business of getting naked when she began working as a stripper at age 18. Soon after, she was being contacted by adult magazines and pornographers from all over. She then signed a contract with Vivid in 2006 and has gone on to be nominated for multiple AVN and F.A.M.E. Awards, including “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene.” Now, just let that mental image set in…

Sep 18, 2009

Kayden Kross is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Naughty blond super hottie, Kayden Kross got her start in the business of getting naked when she began working as a stripper at age 18. Soon after, she was being contacted by adult magazines and pornographers from all over. She then signed a contract with Vivid in 2006 and has gone on to be nominated for multiple AVN and F.A.M.E. Awards, including “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene.”

Aug 18, 2009

27 Playboy Playmates Who Twitter

These days, pretty much everyone is on Twitter. But most of the time, all you get is the occasional funny link and a whole lot of "I'm eating lunch!" So instead of the same ol' nonsense, spice up your Twitter feed with some of the hottest women around: Playboy Playmates. Sure, they're probably just as boring as the rest of us, but at least you stand a good chance at seeing a TwitPic of their boobs!

Jul 9, 2009

Kayden Kross is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Naughty blond super hottie, Kayden Kross got her start in the business of getting naked when she began working as a stripper at age 18. Soon after, she was being contacted by adult magazines and pornographers from all over. She then signed a contract with Vivid in 2006 and has gone on to be nominated for multiple AVN and F.A.M.E. Awards, including “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene.” Now, just let that mental image set in…

Jun 20, 2008

Miss COED: Dagmara

Born in Poland, Dagmara and her family moved to the US when she was still a child. She graduated from...

Jun 17, 2008

Marisa Miller’s July 08 Maxim Magazine Photos are Today’s Daily Snapshot

When she’s hot, she’s hot: Yesterday we showed you Marisa Miller’s Ralph Magazine photos. Today, Maxim unleashed their July 2008...

Jun 16, 2008

Miss COED: Emma Frain

Like many of the bangin’ British ladies you know and love, Emma got her start in the busty pages of...

Jun 16, 2008

Marisa Miller May 2008 Ralph Magazine Cover

Marisa Miller has “The World’s Best Body” and as we see from her spread in this month’s Ralph Magazine, the...

Jun 12, 2008

Kelly Ripa is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Kelly Ripa, 37,  may be an Emmy award-winning daytime television host, and actress, but we think modeling might be more...

Jun 10, 2008

Miss COED: Jakki Degg

Made famous in the pages of London’s The Sun newspaper as a bare-chested Page 3 model, this 30-year-old pin-up was...

Jun 5, 2008

Fabiana Semprebom is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Twenty-four-year-old fashion model Fabiana Semprebom was born in Brazil from a Brazilian father and an Italian-American mother. She was discovered...