Dec 1, 2015

World AIDS Day 2015: 10 Best Quotes to Honor The Day

Today is World AIDS Day and we’re marking the awareness with the ten best, inspirational quotes regarding the pandemic. World...

Nov 11, 2011

Liam Neeson Has Contracted AIDS [VIDEO]

I know it's still early, but that's probably the funniest thing I'll hear all day. Relax, it's not real, this is just a clip from Ricky Gervais' new BBC show Life's Too Short. In this scene, Liam approaches Ricky and tells him that he wants to be "an improvisational comic." I wasn't ready for him to kick so much *ss in Taken, but I was really taken aback by how funny he actually was. Scaring midgets? Check. African hookers? Check. This scene has it all. Start your day with a laugh after the jump!

Dec 20, 2010

AIDS: Just The Facts [Infographic]

No one wants to think about AIDS. It's a hard word to look at and even harder to say without cringing. World Aids Day was back on December 1st. To increase awareness, we presented you with a photo gallery of beautiful women wearing red, a symbolic gesture that helps raise funding. Today, as we near the end of the month and the year, we call your attention to this infographic created by our friends at Medical Billing and Coding, which features a ton of useful information about the deadly disease. As GI Joe would say, "Knowing is half the battle". You wouldn't ignore the advice of a real American hero, would you?

The 7 Dating Sites Every Guy Needs to Know

Love. It’s grand. It’s life-changing. But for some, love needs a little help finding its way. Well, thanks to the internet, one can find “love” in all its many forms (chatroulette anyone?) With that in mind, here are the top 7 dating sites ranging from the “I Want to Meet my Soul Mate and Live Happily Ever After” type to the “I Want to Get Laid NOW” variety.

Apr 24, 2010

Getting Tested for STDs: Is Sex Without Love Worth the Worry?

The alarm screams at 7:54 AM, tearing me out of dream in which I was awkwardly going back to my...

Nov 14, 2007

9 Doors

Hmmm…where do I begin to explain the premise of 9 Doors? Players control a semi-animated stick figure – and when...

Oct 2, 2007