Samantha Carpenter

Samantha is student at Arizona State University and a hopeful Tempe12 model. I would just like to point out that the fact that Samantha is only a “hopeful” at this point is not only a shame, but a testament to how hot the girls are at that school. I feel like every single week, the guys behind Tempe12, Tucson12, and SanDiego12 are showing me exactly where I went wrong in my school selection process. It’s true that we still don’t know a lot about Samantha, but a few votes here and there will change that. Do this girl (and yourself) a favor and make sure we  get to see more photos of her by voting for her in the Tempe12 hopeful contest. Plus, you get to check out some of the other beautiful women of ASU. Peep Samantha’s photos below.

Location: Tempe, AZ

For more of Samantha, check her out on: Facebook | Official Website

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