Niki Oh

Niki is a 29 year old model currently living in The City Within a Park (Toronto). She was first spotted in a nightclub, was asked to participate in a car show, and hasn’t looked back since. Once she started laying claim to the import modeling industry, Niki began slowly branching out. In addition to her modeling, she has a full-time job, go-go dancing gigs, and appearances at various clubs. If you’re able to pull her away from her busy schedule, whatever you do, don’t compare her to Tila Tequila. That would seem like an obvious tip, but apparently she gets that all the time. People can be flat-out rude. Check out this Chinese and Laotian beauty’s photos and stats below. [lead image via Solofotography]

Age: 29 | Location: Toronto, Canada | Height: 5’3″ | Weight: 108 | Measurements: 36-26-29

For more of Niki, check her out on: Twitter |ModelMayhem | Myspace

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