Nashlly Sokoli

Nashlly’s a gorgeous 21-year-old Ecaudorian model who competed in Maxim’s Hometown Hotties contest last year. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this girl because she was just on SiTV’s “Model Latina New York” competition, a preview video of which you can see below. Nashlly loves to work out and stay active, and you had better too if you want to have any chance with this girl. In an interview with Virile, she explains that she “hates couch potatoes” and “men who play video games.” The joke’s on her, though, because we pulled together a great gallery of her that you can view on your couch! We’re mad tricky. Check out her pics and stats below.

Age: 21 | Location: New York, NY | Height: 5’6″ | Weight: 110

For more of Nashlly, check her out on: Facebook | Twitter | ModelMayhem | YouTube

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