Krislyn Gonzalez

Krislyn’s a Tempe 12 model from Virginia Beach, VA who’s a film major at ASU that just celebrated her birthday on October 8th! Happy b-day, K-Gonzo. On her Facebook fan page, she states she loves Damian Marley, Yelawolf, Stouffer’s mac & cheese, and “murkin cod zombies”. Yeah, I had to Google that last one. Apparently it’s from Call of Duty (hence “cod”) and doesn’t mean living dead fish with wigs made of pubic hair. I need to play more video games. Anyway, she can ask, “how much caramel can a canny cannibal cram into a camel, if a canny cannibal can cram caramel into a camel?” in a little under 8 seconds, but she got smoked in the Chubby Bunny Challenge. See what we’re talkin’ ’bout below.

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