Dorothy Valentine

Dorothy is an amazingly attractive 23 year old singer/songwriter currently living in San Diego, CA. What makes her so special is that she’s got something for everyone. Athletic guys like her because she’s a champion in the gym and geekier guys like her because she loves video games and books. Plus, you know, she sings. Last year she released a self-titled album on iTunes (buy here) that she wrote and co-produced. No word on if she actually performs in cosplay, but if you’re a fan of dressing up make sure to catch her at 2012 Comic Con in San Diego. Check out her photos and stats below.

Location: San Diego, CA | Height: 5’8″ | Weight: 114 | Measurements: 34C-24-34

For more of Dorothy, check her out on: Facebook | Twitter | Official Website | ModelMayhem

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