Aubrey Dailey

Aubrey’s a Tempe12 model who’s originally from Soldotna, Alaska and currently resides in Tempe, Arizona where she’s a senior majoring in Communications at Arizona State University. She says she loves her Blackberry, cereal and the Lakers. Her drink of choice is the Red Bull Vodka and her favorite class is Sociology. She’s got a girl crush on Audrina Patridge and a dude crush on Tyrese Gibson. According to her Facebook profile she claims to be a “mildly dramatic person”,”very passionate”, and a “free spirit”. She also loves interacting with people and being the center of attention. Among her hopes and aspirations: traveling the world and exposing her talents. Consider your talents exposed, Aubrey! Guys, she’s not shy and she’ll talk to anyone…ANYONE! So, get rid of that lisp and stutter and attend a public speaking class or three.

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