Federal Agency Addresses Alleged Bigfoot Video Captured In Colorado

A video claiming to show Bigfoot made the rounds on social media this week.

The video, which was captured during a ride on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad train in Colorado this month, shows what appears to be Sasquatch wandering around the mountainside before squatting down and blending in with the surroundings.

There was immediate speculation as to whether the video was legitimate which has led to the USDA Forest Service issuing a statement.

“The USDA Forest Service can’t speculate or provide comments on the authenticity of the video,” a spokesperson told TMZ. “We’ll be sure to alert the media if and when a Sasquatch is sighted by officials on National Forest System lands.”

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

This is the clearest footage we have ever seen of an alleged sasquatch, but if we’re being honest, it looks like a man in a gorilla suit.

Of course, it could also be someone in a ghillie suit.

But deep down, I’m hoping it’s a legit Bigfoot sighting and that there will be many more to come because it’s just more fun that way.

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