New Inspiration for a Scandinavian-styled living room

Scandinavian culture is evident in every fashion choice a Scandi makes. From their living room to dressing, walkway layout etc. you will always see some iota of simplicity, pride, beauty, mix and match. Check Reviewbirds for all you need to know about Scandinavian culture. Furthermore, Scandinavian design is popular for having nice and functional living room especially tables used in the Norwegian interior, everything in your room will serve a purpose. Not unnecessarily jammed.

Do you also crave a living room that speaks the Scandinavian style? Worry no more. 

This article will explain how to achieve your perfect Scandinavian inspired living room.

Who are the Scandinavians?

Scandinavia was formerly known as Scandia. It is considered to be a region of northern Europe that includes the Scandinavian Peninsula’s two nations Norway and Sweden plus Denmark. According to some sources, Finland should be included due to its geography and economy, while Iceland and the Faroe Islands should be included since their people speak North Germanic or Scandinavian languages related to those of Norway and Sweden.

Six steps to achieve a Scandinavian-styled living room

Choose cozy texture 

Scandinavians are renowned for keeping their living spaces simple and stripped-back. But they’re also experts at adding just the right amount of texture to keep things from becoming cold and clinical. It’s about creating an ambient atmosphere. There’s no direct translation but it relates to a feeling of general contentment and cosiness. Think chunky knit blankets, sheepskin rugs, fluffy cushions and rugs dotted on wooden floors for adding an instant layer of warmth.

Invest in natural colours 

To channel the minimal Scandi aesthetic in your living room, look to the landscape to inspire your choice of colours. Mother Nature never gets it wrong, so this is the best way to create a visually calming and harmonious effect. Start with white or grey walls (to draw in the natural light) and layer a few accessories in a restrained palette of dusty pink, ice blue, forest green, moss, mustard or amber. Continue to bring the outside in with plants and fresh flowers.

Focus on illumination 

Due to their long, dark winters, Scandi interiors are filled with as much light as possible. Huge windows (with contemporary blinds instead of heavy curtains) and white walls help, but adding the right type of artificial lighting is also key. Pendant clusters give soft multi-directional light try groups of shades in tonal hues with wooden details. Create a cute reading nook with an angled floor or table lamp. And copious amounts of candles grouped in an open fireplace make for a truly hygge living room.

Use flowers and plants 

Use a lot of vegetation and plants. In addition to bringing color and life to your living room, beautiful flowers moderately placed in a corner also help to calm and soothe the atmosphere. The Scandinavian living room is decorated with nice and pleasant petals. Get some and decorate yours with them too. 

Buy simple but classy furniture 

Renowned for their clean lines and clever craftsmanship, Scandinavian furniture design is aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. Not only does the landscape inspire the colour palette, but the natural materials used, too. Think leather, wood, wool and linen which wear well if not look better over time. Also, invest in the items you’ll use regularly. Items like sofas, chairs, tables, sideboards and rugs.

Minimal decoration and clutter free

For an ideal Scandinavian living room, keep the decorations and embellishments at the minimum level possible. This is because Scandis don’t use loud and heavy decorations. They prefer small but effective decorations. 

Also, keep the necessary space. A Scandinavian-styled living room should maintain necessary space such that it will be well ventilated. 

The tips above can help you achieve your own Scandinavian living room. Who doesn’t like simplicity and class? 

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