Tom Brady Will Get Extra Rest Day Every Week This Season

In the world of the NFL, or indeed sports as a whole, you’d find it hard to find an athlete as hard-working as Tom Brady. However, it appears that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star is set to have a bit more time off than usual.

The seven-time Super Bowl winner briefly retired from the game at the close of the last NFL season but then returned to the game a few weeks later. There was much speculation as to why he quit the game and even more so in relation to the reasons why he made a speedy return.

His return to the Raymond James Stadium will have aided Tampa Bay’s chances of another Super Bowl triumph, having won in Brady’s first season with the franchise, and if you are a Bucs fan looking to back them to do just then check out this page in order to find the best sportsbook to use to place your bet.

With the 45-year-old back in the saddle, the chances of such a success are greatly improved, and now Tampa Bay is looking to give Brady all the help he needs to make the most of his obvious abilities.

Over the training camp period, they allowed the former New England Patriots quarterback to take an 11-day personal break, something that is most out of the ordinary, and now they will give the player a day off a week to help smooth things over at home, where there are apparently some issues.

Recent reports suggest that things aren’t rosy in the Brady household, and some believe that the former supermodel has given her husband an ultimatum that means that this may well be his last season in the game.

A source at People magazine commented;

“She doesn’t hate that he’s playing football, but she sure hates the way he handled the retirement and coming back,” a source tells PEOPLE. “He knows that, and he’s doing what he can do to smooth things over. He does know that this is his last season if he wants to stay married.”

Bundchen is said to have left the family home and gone to Costa Rica after a number of arguments, and the Buccaneers have opted to help Brady by giving him as much time off as possible but will also be mindful of the importance of his performances on the field of play, as they look to secure a Super Bowl title.

Brady quit the game in February even though he’d produced the best numbers of his lengthy career, and the fact he then returned weeks later appeared to suggest that he was ready to come back and no doubt looking to finish his career on a high.

An eighth Super Bowl, perhaps clinched this season, may be enough for Brady to then happily bring his playing career to an end.

He’s already secured a lucrative contract with Fox Sports as an NFL analyst for when he does walk away from the playing side of the game, and no doubt that’s a shift that would please his wife. 

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