Update your eye colour with fashion coloured contact lenses

2022 is all about experimenting with your looks for different occasions. For instance, getting a new haircut can help you switch up your regular look; opting for a new style of clothing, such as switching from all casual to all formal adds a factor of newness to your dress-up, but what else? Think outside the box; start with changing your eye colour with coloured contact lenses. 

Coloured contact lenses – go with the trend

From Kylie Jenner to all other celebs, coloured contact lenses are as much of a fashion accessory as anything else. It’s like having the super-natural power of changing your eye colour at your convenience. Coloured contact lenses help you to enjoy the best of both worlds – vision with style!

Conquer the trend with coloured contacts like a pro. You can easily order online to get your coloured contact lenses. Buy from Feel Good Contacts to get your lenses at the cheapest price. If you’re not aware of this brand, here’s a brief introduction. Feel Good Contacts are the UK’s number one online contact lenses retailer promising you the best quality of contacts at the most affordable prices. They want you to stay on top of trends whilst saving money by offering a Price Match Guarantee. This means that if you find the same brand elsewhere at a cheaper price, they will happily refund the difference, hence keeping their promise of being the most affordable brand.

They stock a great variety of reputed brands such as FreshLook and Air Optix, be sure to buy your eye care from there for the best deals!

What type of coloured contact lenses can I use?

In a broad category, you can buy prescription or non-prescription contact lenses according to your needs; these lenses can be used for both cosmetic and vision correction purposes. Below are the categories of coloured contacts you can choose from:

Daily coloured contacts

Get daily coloured contacts if you’re not a massive fan of cleaning your contacts daily. Use these lenses and dispose of them at the end of each day. Or just buy a rainbow box, such as  comfi Colors 1 Day Rainbow Pack; which allows you to try five colours in one box. Wear a different colour daily and have fun!

Monthly coloured contacts

More cost-effective than dailies, you can opt for monthly-coloured contacts, provided you follow a good lens care routine, i.e., you disinfect and store your lenses in a lens case at the end of each day.

Visibility tinted lenses

These lenses are slightly tinted and do not affect your natural eye colour too much.

Enhancement tinted lenses

This is a translucent or see-through tint, a little darker than the visibility tint. This tint is meant to enhance the natural colour of your eye and is most suitable for those who have light-coloured eyes and want to enhance their eye colour by adding definition.

Opaque tinted lenses

As the name suggests, this solid-lens will change your eye colour entirely. People with dark eyes should use opaque tinted lenses, as a solid-coloured lens will cover your natural eye colour completely, unlike enhancement or visibility tint-coloured lenses.

Custom-tinted lenses

Some suppliers offer custom-made lenses; they are created with variety of colours with various densities. These lenses are semi-translucent, allowing them to naturally blend with your eye colour.

What coloured lenses are available?

There are so many amazing-coloured contact lenses available on the market. You can choose from basic natural colours, such as hazel, light brown, or dark and dramatic colours such as blue and green. The most common colours available are black, grey, brown, hazel, green, blue, and violet.

If you’re not too sure what colour to get first, try comfi Colors 1 Day Rainbow Pack, all five colours in one pack; try them all!

Essential step – get your eyes checked first

You must start by making an appointment with your optometrist before purchasing your coloured contact lenses because vision changes with time and it’s only natural. It is essential to be on the top of your contact lenses game, make sure you’re ordering the most current prescription. 

Benefits of wearing coloured contacts

Yes, it’s true, there are benefits of wearing coloured contacts. Here are a few of them:

Different eye colour every day – with coloured contacts, you get to change your eye colour every day. How convenient is that?

Jazz up your look – wearing contacts can completely change your look; they add a spark to your whole personality. Whatever your eye colour is, imagine going for a completely opposite colour. For instance, if your eye colour is brown, try opting for colours like blue or grey (you can choose depending on your hair and skin colour) and see how people complement you.

Like regular lenses, but better – coloured lenses are just like regular lenses just with an element of colour to them. They operate the same way regular contacts do with an element of fun.

Gives you self-confidence – wearing coloured contacts can give you a boost of self-confidence. With your enhanced eye colour you’ll be ready to crack on with any project!

Camouflage eye injury – other than cosmetic uses, coloured contacts are also utilised to hide an eye injury by mimicking a healthy pupil through coloured contact lenses.

Coloured lenses for sport – opting for coloured lenses can help athletes to reduce glare while playing and give them a clear vision at the same time.

Coloured Contacts – your questions answered

Although wearing coloured contact lenses is becoming a normal everyday thing for everyone, people are still sceptical about opting for them. Below are a few questions answered for you.

Are coloured contacts safe?

They are absolutely safe to wear, provided you’re keeping your lens hygiene up to date and you’ve bought them from a reputable retailer. They are the same as regular lenses, the only added factor is ‘colour’.

Can you wear coloured contacts every day?

Yes, you can wear coloured contact lenses every day, just as you would wear your regular lenses. If you’re using an incorrect or old prescription, then as with any other lenses, coloured lenses can damage your eyes too, hence it is important for you to have your current prescription in order to purchase the right coloured lenses for yourself. Use lenses only for the recommended wear time, if they are two-weekly or monthly, make sure to disinfect and store them every night before you sleep.

Where can you get coloured contact lenses?

You can get coloured contact lenses online through retailers, such as Feel Good Contacts, this particular brand allows you to enjoy a 10% off discount on your first order too.

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