How to increase brand audience on Instagram

In 2022, one of the main indicators of the success of any company is its presence in social networks. If brand managers actively talk about the work of the company, publish trending content and constantly warm up the audience, then they are constantly in the public eye and, as a result, successfully sell their products or services.

Now, if a company does not have an account on Instagram or TikTok, then most people will have nowhere to find out the latest news of the brand and its policy regarding any socially significant topics. On Instagram, you can make an announcement about the release of a new product, or you can comment on an important geopolitical event. All this brings brands closer to potential buyers.

We would like to talk with you about how your brand can achieve success without having to constantly buy Instagram followers.

Use different formats

This is the social network where you can experiment with different formats. Most of all, all users are used to regular posts with text and a picture, but this is rather boring and such posts do not always appear in the feed. Therefore, often your subscribers may simply not see your latest post.

If you publish a post, then be sure to duplicate it in stories. Also, do not forget to shoot reels because now this is the most trendy format that is interesting to almost all users, especially the young audience.

If you do not make banal identical content every day, but try to surprise the audience, then you will not often have to cooperate with someone for advertising purposes and buy Instagram followers cheap.

Work on the visual

Choose a single style for all the photos in your posts and stick to that style. Use a photo editor and see which filter suits your account best. Profiles in which all posts are designed using one filter look much more attractive.

In addition, it allows users to understand on a psychological level that you stick to your concept and do not change your decisions depending on the weather and mood. A brand that stands its ground and does not change its principles is trusted by people more.

Invite experts to maintain your account

Probably at the very beginning of the work on the project you are motivated to do all the work yourself, but you and the quality of the content will suffer from this. You can be the initiator of all publications, but it will be more effective if a professional copywriter writes the post and the photographer takes and edits the photo.

In addition, if you plan to publish a video, then you will either need to learn the editing rules or simply invite a specialist who knows how to do this. Yes, it requires a financial investment, but it is an investment in the future of your account and brand.

Explore analytics

As a rule, some posts gain more likes and comments, and some less. By studying the statistics in detail, you can understand what your audience is interested in and what they are waiting for the most. After a deep analysis, you can write down the topics that are most effective and the style of photos that your viewers like.

You can not continue to show people what they are not interested in and do not like. Otherwise, you will lose those viewers that you had before and will not get new ones.


Trends now rule the world, so the first thing you need to do is to constantly learn new social media features and use them in your account. Don’t forget about the quality of the content and, if necessary, invite specialists to help you achieve success.

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