Jake Paul’s next fight: how, where and who?

It seems like Jake Paul has the golden touch as the young American continues his professional boxing career – against the expectations of many. The young man from Cleveland, Ohio, is a multi-millionaire following the unprecedented success of his YouTube channel and his ability to monetize videos and his following. He’s living, breathing proof that the American dream is as real today as it has ever been.

The 25-year-old is already set for life, but instead of kicking back and enjoying his riches, he is determined to make a name for himself in boxing. He is a confessed boxing fan, has the finances to fund his training camps and sparring partners, travel is no issue, sponsorship not a problem and money no object. He has also done something many world-famous boxers have been unable to: surrounding himself with the right people and keeping his feet on the ground.

Where is Jake’s boxing career now, who will he fight next, how can you watch and are the top Vegas sports betting apps offering odds on the result? You’ll find the answers to those questions and more in this article. We have kept the style simple, using a frequently asked questions format to help bring you all the information you need quickly. 

You want to spend less time reading about the fight and more time watching Jake Paul in action, whether you will be cheering him on or hoping the cocky youngster with the world at his feet comes unstuck. Both camps have their fair share of members.

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Is Jake any good?

He isn’t a world-beater by any stretch of the imagination, but he isn’t a bad boxer either. If we were to describe him as a decent novice with the ability to grow into a decent fighter, that wouldn’t be a harsh statement. He has fought five times and claimed five wins, with four coming by knockout. 

He was last seen stopping Tyron Woodley in Tampa, Florida, just before Christmas. Indeed, he’s yet to face a genuine boxer with even the most basic of pedigree. Is Jake any good? Time will tell.

Who is he fighting next?

Jake was expected to fight Tyson Fury’s cousin, but that has fallen with reality TV star Tommy Fury denied entry to the United States. A video message from Tommy explaining past mistakes barred him from working in the US, although his team is already working on a solution, and we could see Fury v Paul later this year.

Paul was forced to find a replacement to fill the void left by Fury, and his backroom team came up with Hasim Rahman Jr. This is a decent challenge, albeit a late notice fight, and it will take place at Madison Square Gardens in New York. Rahman brings a 12-1-0 record but was knocked out in his last fight before the end of round five.

Will he win?

Rahman is the best boxer Paul has faced so far, certainly on paper, so it will be interesting to see how the bout goes. Hasim is a genuine boxer with ambitions of competing for major honours, but he can forget all that if he loses to a man most boxers know as the YouTuber. 

A win for Paul would catapult him up the rankings – he currently stands at 692nd in the world – yeah, we know – while Rahman is 218th. Winning in New York would see Jake cut the line while proving he belongs in this sport.

Could Paul challenge for a world title?

It would take a lot of improvement, bags of cash and a good few years of hard training coupled with carefully matched fights to get Jake Paul anywhere near challenging for a decent title, let alone a respected world title.

That’s why boxing fans say he can’t do it and won’t do it. But we shouldn’t be too hasty. He is an improving fighter, has tons of cash to invest in himself, has time on his side at 25 and has handlers that know what they are doing.

Is Jake Paul bad for boxing?

No. He has cut the line, but he is great for boxing, bringing millions of new fans to the sport and plenty of money.

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