Cinnabon Releases New Limited-Edition Chocolate BonBites

Cinnabon is straying away from its conventional menu for a brand new limited-edition item.

Cinnabon will be dropping its iconic cinnamon flavoring for the new Chocolate BonBites. The BonBites are made with Cinnabon’s classic dough, layered with a rich, chocolate schmear on the inside and topped with both chocolate frosting and Cinnabon’s signature cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate BonBites are available in a 4-count or shareable 16-count pack, starting at $4.79.

“We’re a bakery-inspired brand, and that gives us the permission to experiment and get creative with new and popular dessert flavors, such as chocolate, within our treats,” said Michael Alberici, Vice President of Marketing, Cinnabon. “We know chocolate is a classic, familiar flavor that Cinnabon fans love, and we are confident that guests nationwide will enjoy new Chocolate BonBites, too, no matter the occasion – whether it’s a summer gathering or an anytime chocolate craving.”

Fans can order the product for delivery, pickup and catering in the Cinnabon app.

Protected: Renting out a parking space for extra income
Protected: Renting out a parking space for extra income
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