What Are The Main Types Of Cannabis Products?

Cannabis is almost like a magical herb that keeps you happy and healthy. If you doubt that statement, ask those who swear by it. After a long hard day, when the stress seems to squeeze you from within, this is what you need.

You’re missing out on something special if you have not tried it before. You can find cannabis products on AskHoodie or a similar website that provides information on the various products made from this plant.

Consume it as a candy, roll it into a joint, smoke it in a bong, or apply it on your skin as a topical. It will benefit you in more ways than you think. Unlike what some believe, its use is not just limited to recreational purposes.

Science, too, has established its beneficial effects on health, including relieving anxiety, and depression, reducing inflammation, increasing brain cognition, and preventing fatigue. Some scientists are also conducting studies to establish its anti-cancer properties. 

But what are some of the products you should know about, especially if this is your first time buying them? What are the ways of consuming them? Read on to find out.

Various Ways Of Consuming Them

Depending on your preference, you can eat, apply, and smoke products containing cannabis. The results of each might vary, but they are all beneficial nonetheless. 

  • Edibles

These include soft candy, chocolates, beverages, baked goods, and cooking ingredients. It can be tempting to eat too many chocolates because of the taste, but it’s better to limit yourself to a few initially.

  • Flower

The most popular methods of consuming weed like vapes, joints, pipes, and bongs, involve the flower. The three main flower strains are the Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, and various subtypes emerging from these.

You should choose from these depending on your requirements since they work differently. For instance, Indica works to relax you from the inside by eliminating stress and anxiety, while Sativa gives you a quick rush of energy.

The Hybrid combines the characteristics of the two strains and has therapeutic and energy-giving properties. 

You could look for substrains like Afternoon Delight, Acapulco Gold, 309 OG, 3D, 9 Pound Hammer, Ace’s High, and 4 Kings.

  • Pre-rolls

Do you find the entire job of rolling a joint tiresome and wish you could discover ready-made ones? Buy a pre-rolled joint that someone has already made and filled with your favorite strain. 

They are available in different sizes, flavors, and potency. You can find them in multipacks or singles, but check their strain before buying one.

  • Concentrates

These are also very famous among ardent marijuana smokers. Concentrates contain cannabinoids and terpenes, the two strongest properties of the Cannabis plant. You will need a dab rig to smoke these. 

You can select between wax, shatter, rosin, hash, distillate, caviar, crystalline, and kief. Rosin is one of the most expensive since it is a cleaner extract and does not contain chemicals or solvents. 

  • Topicals

You can apply topicals to your skin. Once you rub it, it penetrates and enters the bloodstream, producing effects quickly. 

It is better to apply the lotion only where you feel the pain, rather than randomly. Before application, clean the area properly to remove any dirty matter. Instead of putting too much pressure, rub the ointment gently on the skin. 

These are some cannabis products you should be aware of, especially if you have never bought them before and want to do so now. You can find the cannabis products on AskHoodie or other websites and read the reviews online. It will help you receive the specific one you want from a website or the dispensary and get the best results. 

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