Tips for Increasing Property Rental Sales

Have you considered investing in real estate? Unlike many stocks, bonds, and other investments, real estate typically increases in value over time. Fewer fluctuations in the market ensure the owner makes a return on their investment. Even when the property sits idle, they continue to build equity in the property. However, nobody wants to see a rental sit vacant. With the following tips, an owner finds their vacation rental remains booked throughout the year. 

Professional Photography

Spend the money to get professional pictures of the property. A photographer knows the angles to use to ensure the rental appears in the best light. The images need to captivate the potential renter and leave them wanting to move into the home. Low-quality photos leave the viewer wondering if the property even exists or if they will lose their money. If they believe the property is real, they wonder what else will be of low quality in the home. Consider doing a virtual tour of the property or invest in 3-D photography to attract more renters. If you work with property management for your rental, they may have a photographer on staff who will take pictures to use in marketing materials. 

Improve Curb Appeal

Small changes make a big difference in curb appeal. When a person sees a property for the first time, they determine in seven seconds whether they want to see more. Ensure the home welcomes them and encourages them to learn more. Install window boxes and plant flowers to add a touch of color or paint the front door and add some swag. The home looks lived in rather than giving off a hotel feel. Add additional lighting and take pictures of the home during the day and at night. The more a person can see about the home, the more comfortable they feel renting it for their getaway. 

Hire a Cleaning Company

When a person spends a great deal of time in a home, they often overlook small things that newcomers will notice. When renting a property, hire professional cleaners. They won’t miss these details and will ensure the home is clean and ready for guests. However, this only takes care of the interior of the home. Have the exterior pressure washed, including the driveway and sidewalks. This provides the entire property with a clean look guests are sure to love and comment on. 

Allow Pets

People want to take their pets with them on vacation. They don’t enjoy leaving them home because they worry the pets are missing out on the fun. Owners consider their animals part of the family and they should be treated as such. However, feel free to charge a pet fee. Most pet owners expect to pay extra when bringing their companions along, and this fee helps to cover any damage caused by the pets. Sixty-nine million households today have a dog, so allow the canines to come along and make more money when doing so. 

Increase your bottom line with the help of these tips. Individuals love owning vacation rentals, as they can benefit from the rental a few times each year and make money on it when they aren’t using it for personal reasons. With these tips, the owner generates more money and builds equity in the home. Learn more today to see how you can get top dollar for your vacation rental. 

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