7 Easy Vape Tricks For Beginners

Doing tricks with smoke is nothing new. You probably have seen smokers of cigarettes and cannabis doing tricks with their puffs to look cool. However, there is a limit to tricks one can do with cigarette smoke. Vaping creates a thicker and more massive amount of clouds, giving you a more defined tool to pull off mind-boggling tricks. Add performing tricks if you’re looking for more reasons to dump smoking for vaping besides your health. To make that happen, you need the right tool. You can confidently buy vaping products online and get them delivered to you, thanks to the increasing popularity. 

A suitable device in your hand makes the vaping routine easier and more fun. Playing tricks with the vapor sounds cool. Right? Mastering it makes you feel cool and can be an excellent icebreaker in a social gathering of vapers. Some just enjoy watching massive vapor clouds, while others love to impress people with it. Most vapers do. You might need some practice to start showing off some popular vape skills at your social gatherings. Here are a collection of cool, amusing tricks to pull off to look like a seasoned pro in no time. 

Blowing O

Arguably the most iconic smoking trick ever, blowing O with your vaping makes you look even more impressive and more remarkable. There is no better way for a beginner to show off and move up the rank among your vaping buddies. Making a string of perfect O rings one after the other needs a bit. Once you get that hang, you open the door to several other tricks.

How To Pull Off an O ring:

  • Take a mouthful of drag, and don’t aim for the throat hit. 
  • Make a round shape with your mouth, keeping your tongue resting on your mouth. 
  • Cough faintly to push out the perfect O shape. 
  • Push out the vapor with your mouth slightly open and curved to form the coveted O shape.

The Ghost Hit.

As the name suggests, this trick is about making the vapor disappear faintly, as a ghost will. It goes by other nomenclatures like the mushroom cloud, atomic bomb, or the snap inhale. A first-timer looking for a vape trick to pull off should try the ghost hit, as it is pretty natural. 

How To Pull The Ghost Hit off: 

  • Take out a long mouth-to-lung drag from your vaping device, with your lips making a slight ball shape. Keep it in your mouth for a few seconds. 
  • Push the vapor out gently and suck it back in as soon as you see it. Voila, the vapor disappears, and only the ghost is visible. 

The Dragon

Executing the dragon vape trick will understandably seem intimidating for beginners. Though extravagant and will certainly catch everyone’s attention, the basics are simple. 

How To Perform The Dragon Trick:

  • Take a mouthful of vapor from your device.
  • Keep your mouth shut, but a little breathing space at both corners.
  • Exhale through your nostril and simultaneously let out the vapor through your mouth, with the center still closed.
  • Exhaling through your nose and mouth is not an easy skill to master. It gets easier with every try. 

The Waterfall

How about a bit of sorcery? With the waterfall vape trick, you can turn your vapor into a liquid mist that falls slowly like a waterfall. Unlike most that need no external material other than exhaling your vapor correctly, a water bottle and little iced water are needed to perform the waterfall trick.

Pulling off the Waterfall Trick:

  • Take as many hits as you can from your vaping device.
  • Let it all out into the water bottle with icy water 
  • Empty the vapor, now thicker, carefully on a flat surface to create a smoky waterfall. 

The Tornado

The tornado vape trick is similar to the waterfall but has a fantastic visual effect. Though it looks very cool, it needs little experience or expertise. You only need to find a flat surface like cardboard or a table to stage the performance. 

To pull off the Tornado Trick

  • Inhale an ample puff of vapor
  • Put your face as close as possible to the flat surface and exhale the smoke gently
  • Make a small reverse karate chop in the middle of the dense cloud to create an aesthetic tornado effect.

The Bull Ring

Learning to create the O ring trick comes in handy here. Getting the precision of inhaling the O is as important as making it. Doing a blowing O is cool enough, but forming a bull ring with it as you inhale is as climatic as a show-off. 

Doing a Bull Ring

  • Create a medium-sized O with inhaled vapor (refer to the blowing O trick)
  • Bend forward to inhale the ring from the top part closest to you. 
  • Doing this creates an illusion of a ring on a bull’s nose before it disappears through your nose. 

French Inhale

This vape trick is popular among both smokers and vapers alike. You will be taking back the exhaled vapor from the mouth through the nose to do this. Mastering the french inhale may not be achieved after a first few tries; the hook is worth giving a go. For some reason, the trick is known as an Irish waterfall. But you won’t be wrong calling it a reverse waterfall because that is what the vape trick depicts. 

How To Pull off a French Inhale

  • Drag a mouthful of vapor and hold with your tongue at the back of your mouth
  • Open your mouth slightly and seep the vapor out without exhaling.
  • Then direct it upward by pushing out your lower lip
  • Move your tongue slowly to the front while continuing to push out the vapor
  • Inhale the pushed-out vapor with your nose to create a stunning waterfall effect. 

Everything You Need for Easy Vape Tricks

Using the right vaping device and ingredients improves your chances of success and getting the best results out of every trick. A vaping trick’s core is inhaling and exhaling the right amount of vapor. Vape juice with a significantly higher ratio of vegetable glycerin rather than propylene glycol produces thicker and larger clouds yet minimal throat hits. Also, make the room perfect and control the airflow for your vape tricks to come out perfect. If you follow the instructions, it’s only time before you become the coolest vaper in your circle. 

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