Which Young Quarterback is Going to Replace Tom Brady and Dominate the Game?

On Tuesday February 1, 2022, Tom Brady announced his retirement from the National Football League. The greatest of all time is gone, and now we are searching for his successor, someone who will probably not replicate Brady’s success, but will dominate the game and stand out as being the best quarterback in the league.

There are many in with a chance, and one has a shot at enhancing his reputation in the Super Bowl. Joe Burrow will lead the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl, with the latest NFL betting odds putting them at +163 to win the big game, and land Burrow his first ring. The first is the hardest, so to pick this up so early would be huge for Burrow.

He faces a strong Los Angeles Rams team though, so this is not going to be easy for him. Having said that, Burrow went into Kansas City and came home with a win in overtime, a big reason why the Bengals feature in so many NFL tips that have been released for the game.

A win for Burrow and the Bengals would propel him into the limelight, but who else out there can compete to become the best quarterback in the game, now that Tom Brady has departed?

The Playoff Battle Between Mahomes and Allen

We’ve already mentioned the game between Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes, but a week earlier in the playoffs, we saw another battle between two youngsters. A Chiefs overtime win over the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen, thanks to an excellent drive from Patrick Mahomes was enough for them to progress, but many will remember the play from both quarterbacks in that game.

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In particular, the fourth quarter, where 28 points were scored, and both teams came back from seemingly in possible positions, thanks to their quarterbacks. Both teams are set with what they have for the next decade, unless something huge happens, and they have already built their rosters around how each quarterback plays.

If there is a leader between these two and Burrows, then it would have to be Mahomes, who has already won a Super Bowl with the Chiefs, so has that advantage. In terms of playing style, Mahomes and Burrow both have a better arm than Allen, and throw the ball more, so look better when things come off.

However, Allen provides a completely different, and very difficult to defend style. He can throw the ball, run with it himself, set up run plays for others, and that makes him the leader of a very complex offense that is difficult to get a hold of for many.

Given the play we have seen from them recently, it would be no surprise to see all three players pick up a Super Bowl ring over the next few years. With Tom Brady retiring from the game, the three of them will also fancy their chances at becoming the stand out best quarterback in the league.

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