How to Overcome Laziness and Start Studying When You Don’t Want to

I want to study, but I’m lazy – a fairly typical statement. What to do if a child or teenager is lazy to look at school or do homework? Do parents have to force him to do them?

The truth is, any student can become lazy when learning. And the closer the final exams get, the harder it is for him to pull himself together. Going to class, doing your homework on time, or forcing yourself to study is lazy.

So from this article, you will learn tips from a psychologist that will help the child and his parents come out a winner in the fight against laziness and start learning. But before you begin to fight, you need to understand why this should be done.

Why do we feel laziness to study?

What exactly is it that provokes you to be lazy about studying and prioritize your leisure time? Why do students choose to play video games or watch movies, take existing essays for college from an essay database instead of writing in by themselves, and the mere thought of any form of study causes self-pity and feelings of despair? Studies show that several factors are to blame.

Lack of motivation, lack of urgency, and fear of stepping outside your comfort zones represent some of these factors that can awaken laziness and lull your potential to learn.

But what is the secret to unlocking said potential? What is the ultimate secret to fighting study laziness? You need to step out of your comfort zone, make a significant effort, and make changes in your lifestyle to overcome lazy habits.

Numerous studies confirm that the habits of successful students who have overcome laziness include proper motivation, planning research and assignments, not procrastinating, and eliminating distractions. These are the things you need to do to cut off the hydra of sloth from its head. Now let’s look at all of this in more detail.

Practical tips on how to beat laziness and start learning:

Find motivation or inspiration.

One of the reasons many students get lazy about studying is a lack of motivation because the upcoming assignments or being in class seems boring, unmotivating, and doesn’t inspire you.

And so it is necessary to develop a positive attitude and find a motivating role, thinking about the benefits of time spent on the study: successfully passed exams, high marks or recognition of teachers.

Visualize yourself after studying by thinking about its positive outcome. This way, you can learn more effectively because you no longer look like a slacker, and you have the will to succeed.

Keep your emotions under control.

After all, the younger you are, the more volatile your emotions are. Since laziness and emotions are correlated, you should ensure that your emotions are not the primary driver of your actions. So don’t put off doing your homework or studying just because you “don’t feel like doing it.” Would you say that’s harsh? But it’s the only way to overcome your laziness and engage your mind.

Consult with successful students, students who achieve good grades, asking how they do it. Try it out once you get valuable advice rather than dismiss its application. Rest assured, by doing so, you will gain much more than just the power to deal with your laziness.

Choose the method of doing your homework that suits you.

The first option – do lessons on principle: “the most unpalatable – for breakfast. That is, the most difficult, unloved task should always be done first.

Another winning tactic is to do the more accessible subjects first. After all, it’s always harder to start learning than it is to keep learning. It’s harder to get started on a challenging assignment and finish it in time. Because of this comes the feeling of wanting to give it up without even creating it.

Overcoming this feeling can be overwhelmed if you start with more straightforward tasks, such as studying the subject matter that you give the easiest. Once you have completed the job, there will be more incentive to move on to other – complex tasks.

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Find alternative methods of study.

If you don’t know how to make yourself study if everything is lazy, try to use an alternative study method. For example, you have been assigned to read some book, story, or novella, then try to find it in audiobook format and listen to it. If you’re studying a famous historical event, there’s probably a documentary about it that you can watch and learn a lot of valuable information.


Absent-mindedness discourages any motivation to learn. Therefore, you need to plan, make a “diary”, and write down a list of all designed for today’s extracurricular activities and the performance of tasks and lessons.

Having a study plan will help to simplify the tasks. Establish a sequence for completing a particular subject and other tasks. List your homework assignments and keep them in front of you like a calendar. This way, it will help you prioritize and get your assignments done on time. Also, remember that assignments require a specific timeline and measurable results. 

Get distracted from time to time.

Sometimes the key to increasing productivity in your studies is to do the opposite – distractions. It’s been proven that it’s impossible to concentrate your full attention on one thing in particular for more than 20-40 minutes. So lengthening that concentration-time would be counterproductive. So it’s worth distracting yourself while you’re doing your study assignments at home: take a shower, do some exercise, devote some time to your favorite hobby, etc.

You can use the 20/10 method, where 20 minutes are devoted to maximum concentration on the task and 10 minutes to rest. A possible option is the 45/15 method. You can also start with 10/5 if you find the initial options too challenging to maintain your focus. Even if it seems like a “waste of time,” you’ll be more productive. Because it will allow you to keep your attention on the tasks at hand throughout the scheduled time.

Set aside time for yourself to rest.

Don’t confuse laziness with fatigue. If your body is overwhelmed because of your studies, then you need to give it a rest. But not in front of your laptop and certainly not on social networks. Such a rest will provide you with no strength. It’s best to give yourself a day a week when you go to bed early and not play games past midnight.

Reward yourself for studying.

To get more energized and in the mood to study, you need to reward yourself periodically. For example, whenever you complete a task. The rewards don’t have to be complicated. Something as simple as allowing yourself your favorite chocolate or ice cream. This will help you understand that the effort expended results in something delicious positive.


Study laziness is a negative, almost parasitic trait that you need to fight to defeat. Although it takes time to win the battle, trust me, you can do it! Follow these simple steps, and soon your laziness will be just a thing of the past. Laziness can take hold of you at any time, preventing you from being productive and completing your tasks. Sometimes, it’s a problematic adversary, so focus on beating it.

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