Become Successful on YouTube and Get Lots of Video Views: Smart Techniques and Tips

YouTube has quickly become one of the top social media platforms that people turn to when they need something new and interesting. They look up how-to videos, televised series, and even just watch things for fun. It is a platform that offers a little of everything.

If you know how to attract subscribers and views, you can be quite successful on YouTube. It does take time to build, but if you’re willing to follow the tips, you could absolutely get there!

How can you be successful and get lots of video views? We’ve got some tips here for you.

What is the Goal?

The first thing you need to do is come up with a goal as to what you are trying to accomplish on

For example, do you just want to build a following with a lot of subscribers? Or are you trying to get a ton of views on all of your videos? If your goal is to gain views, did you know that you can buy 100 YouTube views to help boost that number on YouTube?

Once you know what your target view is, you can start looking for resources to buy YouTube views to fulfill your target and at least get off the ground.

There are other ways that people chase success on YouTube as well. This could be a source to click and head to a website or even just try to attract customers to a brand. There isn’t a right or wrong way to be successful. It all depends on you.

Make the Video Worth It

Do you want to know why videos get a lot of views? Because they are made in such a way to attract the appropriate audience. Regardless of your niche, you need to take an approach that is going to actually draw people in.

For some people, this will mean providing high-quality content. For other people, it might mean having some eye-catching visual appeal.

Think about your audience. Then determine just what you might be able to do with your video to attract people in that genre. You want them to not only click on and view your video but also be inspired to share it with others.

Sometimes, if the visual is appealing, the content itself doesn’t matter. However, don’t waste your time pushing out content that won’t be attractive.

It’s OK to Be Yourself

Read that again!

It is perfectly ok for you to hop on a video and just be yourself! You don’t have to try to impress anyone. People are going to notice if you’re being fake, and they will be far more likely to connect with you if you just act like you.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of presenting the world with a composed smile. Here’s the thing. People don’t come to YouTube to see a smile that isn’t real or an uptight, boring video.

They come to see real life. The best way to give them that is to just be yourself when you create a video. You might just be surprised at how much of a difference this can make.

Consistency is a Key

According to an interview that Forbes did with YouTube vlogger Ashley Villa, one of the things that you can do to grow your following is to just be consistent.

So your first video or two only got 10 views. Our guess is Ashley didn’t start with over a million viewers on her very first videos. Whatever you do in your videos, do it with consistency. Keep a similar style and approach to engage return viewers to keep coming back.

Now, we’re not saying that you can’t ever change your content or your style. What we mean is that you need to consistently give it your all and keep pushing out content. Don’t give up when you feel like one video might be a flop, and you will be surprised by the number of views you get.

The truth is that every famous YouTube person had to start somewhere. You also have to start somewhere. You may have to be patient while you consistently work to build a following, and in turn, get more views.

Take Time to Research

There are a lot of research tools out there that you can use to your advantage. Use these tools to grow views and subscribers.

One of the best things that you can do is track what’s trending within your niche and then stay up to date. How can you use those trends and stay true to your style? The slightest adjustment might have a positive impact.

YouTube offers analytic services that you can review as well. Here are some important metrics you can access and evaluate with them:

  • Watch time.
  • View velocity.
  •  Average view duration.
  •  Audience retention.
  •  Re-watches.

These services are for your channel specifically. You can look at the report data and use that to figure out if something seems to be working well or perhaps not working at all.

Once you learn to check the analytics and then use them to improve your channel, you could start getting more views.

Use Other Sources

How often do you scroll through platforms like Facebook or TikTok and get sucked in watching videos? Or maybe you’re scrolling along on your feed, and a video catches your eye.

You can use other sources to help promote your video. Take advantage of something like social media to get your video out there. You can also promote it through a blog or a website. You need to use those spaces to help get your content out there.

The beauty of social media is that there are so many options. If you have the opportunity to share your content or the link in another source, you should do it! Not everyone just goes straight to YouTube. Sharing your link on a Facebook post or some other format could bring them there.

Engage & Grow

Finally, don’t ignore the people who are supporting you. When viewers and subscribers are actively commenting on your video, you need to engage with them.

Turn your channel into a community. Make it welcoming and warm. As you grow, you may need assistants or helpers to keep up with the activity. However, until you get to that point, you should be making an effort with these people.

This just gives your channel a bit of a personal touch. It’s all about earning the loyalty of viewers. People take note of that little bit of effort. It could prove to be a turning point for your efforts.

Final Thoughts

Becoming successful on YouTube does take some time and patience. You will need to be consistent and keep pushing forward even when it gets frustrating. Use these simple tips to help you along the way.

Trust us, it will pay off in the long run!

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