Portable Electric Fireplaces: Why You Must Buy One?

The main goal of owning electric fireplaces is for warmth. How about you get both the warmth and a space décor? Costway has a range of efficient and budget-friendly indoor electric fireplaces that serve as decorative house items and heat providers. 

You must buy a portable fireplace if you don’t want to spend your money on buying different electric fireplaces for different rooms. You can move these electric fireplaces easily according to your needs.

Here are our top 3 portable electric fireplaces from Costway that are easy to maintain, install, and very affordable. Convenient for any space, these portable electric fireplaces will also add a touch of elegance.

These electric fireplaces are convenient to use and very energy efficient. They are a better choice if you don’t plan on buying more than one fireplace. 

The portable electric fireplaces can be moved from room to room according to your preferences. Add beauty and warmth to your home without any hassle, and they are also very easy to clean and maintain.


This freestanding portable electric fireplace has a three-sided dancing flame, allowing people on the sides (left side or right side) to enjoy the view of the dancing flame and the warmth as well. This 14000w electric fireplace provides constant heating, thanks to its high efficiency. The heating range of up to 700cu makes every corner of your room filled with warmth. 

This 25-inch portable electric fireplace comes with overheating protection and is legally certified by the CSA. The convenience of operation tied to this portable electric fireplace is top-notch. It has two buttons for heat and power control. Temperature ranges from 68 F to 95 F that is adjustable depending on your choice.

Its top surface is cool to touch, and you can place any item above it without any worry. This portable electric fireplace is dust-free, smoke-free, and provides a quiet space as it is noiseless. 

Easy to maintain, clean and convenient for people with medical conditions. The best thing about these portable electric fireplaces is that they are efficient and suitable all year round. They produce a flame effect without actual heat, therefore convenient to use anytime, even in summer. 

This freestanding electric fireplace suits and fits every space of your home, whether it’s the bedroom, study area, or lounge area. The choice is yours where to place it.

The installation of this freestanding electric fireplace is effortless as you just have to assemble its legs. 


This compact portable electric fireplace is an ideal choice for a cozy and elegant ambiance as it is built to serve the purpose of both attractiveness and heating. The realistic dancing flame lightens up your space and gives you cozy vibes. 

This compact portable electric fireplace has glass doors that bring a  cozy atmosphere and chill vibes. Electric fireplaces always have a surface or screen that is cold to touch; this compact portable space heater is no exception.

This freestanding electric fireplace is safe to use as it automatically turns off in cases of overheating. The heat output is of high efficiency therefore it instantly heats your space. The design and width of this electric fireplace allow it to fit in any corner of your home, be it the living room, at the corner behind the Christmas tree, or the bedroom.

This portable electric fireplace is very lightweight, making it easier and convenient to move from one place to another compared to other heavy-weight fireplaces.  The temperature for these electric fireplaces is adjustable with a temperature control knob that makes it possible to change the heat temperature to your liking. To keep it freestanding, an assembling process is done by attaching the four legs to the main body of the fireplace.

This electric fireplace heater has a straightforward control panel that makes it easy to use and operate. This electric fireplace is a perfect fit for offices, bedrooms, and dining areas. They do not produce any harmful gases, dust, or smoke; therefore very suitable for everyone. This portable electric fireplace will be a perfect addition to your living room or lounge area to make it warm and elegant.


This 14-inch portable electric fireplace heater with a realistic flame effect is another option if you are looking to own an electric fireplace. Its heat output is quick, and it is noiseless. The temperature is adjustable to your choice from as low as 50 F to 104 F high. 

It is convenient to study, work, sleep or meditate while keeping yourself warm since it is noiseless. Costway.com puts your safety first, and that’s why this electric fireplace also comes with overheat protection.

The 3D flame effect allows heat to distribute to the front, right, and left sides bringing a whole new level of warmth and mood to your home.

This portable electric fireplace is very lightweight, making it easier for you to move it around effortlessly. This 14-inch electric fireplace will work as a gorgeous decorative item as well.

This indoor electric fireplace is convenient with an easy-to-operate control panel. The installation process is as simple as assembling four legs and attaching them to the main body of the fireplace, just like the other two fireplaces.

This electric heater is easy to clean and maintain. It is designed with a low-noise operation to provide a warm and quiet environment to work, sleep, rest, read and perhaps meditate. You can also adjust the flame effect and temperature according to your liking.

Freestanding electric fireplaces are the perfect addition to your space. Costway.com has the best portable electric fireplaces. They do not only heat your rooms but also make them attractive. 

These three portable electric fireplaces will make your winter cozy and warm while changing your mood anytime with the realistic dancing flames and the log effect. Choose any of these noiseless and smoke-free fireplaces for a night of better sleep.

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