5 Facts About Cheaper Ink Cartridges 

Did you know that printer ink is more expensive than wine? It is one of the priciest liquids in the world, as one gallon of black pigment may cost around $2,700. Of course, it is cheaper than insulin ($9,400) or Chanel Number 5 ($24,000), but the pricing policies of major brands raise eyebrows. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is still the most expensive type of consumable. Here are the five facts to know about cheaper alternatives.

1. Savings Are Real

Prices at independent stores with ink cartridges Canada, such as Smart Ink, are highly competitive. Depending on the model of your printer, you can spend 20%, 30%, or even 50% less per purchase. This means you will save hundreds or thousands of dollars annually depending on the frequency of use. Top-rated supplies will not cause any damage to your printer or void the warranty. Here is why. 

2. These Products Are Legal

Big brands have tried to make alternative ink illegal. Fortunately for customers, those lawsuits were futile. Now, every consumer in Canada has the right to use third-party supplies without fearing for their printer warranty. According to the Consumer Protection Acts, which work in every province, printer manufacturers may not void warranties or threaten to do it just because customers use products from other brands. 

3. There Are Two Types of Products

Third-party supplies are divided into two categories — compatible and remanufactured. The first group includes cartridges designed and manufactured by smaller independent brands. In this case, ink, shells and all components come from the same provider.

Some companies also collect used OEM cartridges and recycle them. This involves cleaning, fixing if necessary, replacing any worn elements, and injecting fresh ink. Just like compatible goods, these products may come with certified quality in compliance with such standards as ISO. 

4. Quality May Vary

Like any industry, this market has honest and unscrupulous participants. To steer clear of fly-by-night stores, pay attention to quality guarantees. A decent provider should offer:

  • Excellent quality as per standards like CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, Reach, and STMC
  • Testing before shipping
  • Updated versions of cartridge chips for immediate recognition
  • 2-year money-back guarantee
  • Reliable multi-layer packaging
  • Sustainable practices
  • Free shipping

5. Firmware Updates May Be a Problem

Printer manufacturers have no right to punish customers for using affordable ink, but they can release special firmware. It programs their machines to reject non-OEM supplies. If you switch off these updates, you will be able to use any third-party products. 

To Sum up

Owners of inkjet printers are not obliged to buy only original supplies. Compatible and remanufactured products from reputable stores provide an excellent quality of printing at low cost. Why pay more? 

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